Sailing & Adventure Outdoor Recreation

Sailing & Adventure Outdoor Recreation

All Part of Serenity Vista’s Comprehensive Holistic Therapy

Drug rehabilitation is an opportunity for new adventures and ways of seeing the world. Leave the snow and cold behind, come and heal in Panama! Throughout your recovery program a variety of holistic therapies are included. Each week, as part of Serenity Vista’s comprehensive holistic approach to addiction recovery & spiritual exploration, a full day is devoted to eco-friendly, outdoor recreation and adventure that will facilitate your connection with nature and invigorate your body, mind and spirit. Activities are varied with a healthy balance of challenge, stimulation and ability.

Holistic Therapies

yoga as part of holistic therapy and eco adventure Outdoor Recreation in addiction recovery

Your whole life recovery program at Serenity Vista incorporates a healthy variety of holistic therapies including yoga, massage, meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual exploration and development, and healthy nutrition. Click here for more about our holistic approach.


Zip-Lining – A Favorite Outdoor Recreation

vista serenity eco adventures zip lining panama

zip-lining through the Panama wilderness

The Boquete Canopy ZipLine Tour has 13 different platforms for you to slide through the jungle canopy. A birds-eye vista. A whole new way to see the world through the treetops. Always a Serenity Vista favorite!


Hiking and Nature Walks

The Quetzal Trail – or El Sendero de los Quetzales is a 6 mile (9.6 km) trek connecting Boquete and Guadalupe (Cerro Punta). You’ll encounter wild cloud forests, waterfalls, rivers, streams, mountains, hills, valleys and peaks. This hike takes between 4 – 7 hours. You can hike either uphill or downhill depending on where you start. There is also hiking in The Lost Waterfalls Nature Reserve. There are many local hikes that we can choose from and you will be sure to get out on some great hikes and experience nature in a way you’ll never forget.


Climbing Vulcan Baru – The local volcano


Vulcan Baru, Boquete Panama


Vulcan Baru Summit

Hiking to the top of Vulcan Baru is a tremendous challenge occasionally offered for those up to it depending upon physical ability. This is indeed the ‘Top of the World’, and you can view both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans from the top. The mountain is 3,475 meters (11,400 ft), and the hike is 27 km. Over nighting at the top is the best way to experience this still (not so much) active volcano.


Rock Climbing


Gunko, Boquete Panama


Rock climbing the Gunko

If you’ve never tried this before, you may just find a favorite new activity. Boquete lays claim to one of the most reknowned Rock Climbers in the world – a true artist, Cesar Melendez. The Gunko is an impressive rock formation, whether you are climbing it or not. Most guests of Serenity Vista thoroughly enjoy rock climbing with Cesar, regardless of previous experience or physical strength. It’s always with great attention to safety and enjoyment, tailored to your individual ability.


Hot Springs

caldera thermal waters panama a place to relax

Caldera thermal waters, a place to relax

The Thermal Waters of Caldera – which does mean ‘boiling pot’ – are a relaxing place to soak after a busy day. There are 4 thermal pools, therapeutic by nature, nearby Serenity Vista. They range in temperatures between 100 – 115F (38- 46C).


Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking


White water rafting


Rafting through the rapids

Imagine the thrill of rafting through the tropical rainforest of the Chiriqui River, or maybe the Esti or Gariche. Our Chiriqui Province has over 35 world-class whitewater runs. An amazing adventure outdoor recreation experience!


Horseback Riding

Horseback riding outdoor eco adventure recreation at Serenity Vista

Horseback riding in the beautiful mountainous hills around Serenity Vista is a popular recreation day activity. The scenery is stunning with wide open expanses.


Coffee Farm – Tours and Tastings

boquete road

Road in Boquete

coffee cherries ruiz farm boquete panama

Ruiz Farm in Boquete Panama growing Coffee

coffee ruiz farm

Coffee from Ruiz Farm

The high mountains of Boquete grow some of the world’s most prized coffee.  These are still small, family owned Fincas, raising coffee the same way they have for generations. There are many plantations that take great joy in showing their farm and coffee bean processing facilities just as much as they enjoy sharing their coffee.



panama petroglyphs caldera

Caldera Petroglyphs

Historical vistas. Have some fun trying to decipher these messages from Pre-Columbian times. Get in touch with ancestral roots.



Sober Sailing in Rehab Serenity Vista Boca Chica (11)

A favorite outdoor recreation outing you will enjoy is going sailing on a weekend, overnight sailing trip among some of the most beautiful Pacific tropical islands in the world. And that’s not an exaggeration! Sailing is a wonderful recovery, healing experience. Click here for more details.


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