Program Elements

Massage Therapy

Massage is a powerful addition to a full body, mind, spirit regime of healing. In addiction to chemicals or to destructive behaviors, people often lose the ability to discern subtle or even not so subtle messages from their body.

Massage is one way of getting back in touch with your body, and enjoying the natural benefits of healthy personal contact.  Your massage will improve your circulation, promotes the exchange of oxygen with toxins in muscle tissue, enhances immunity by stimulation of lymph flow, and releases endorphins as your body’s own pain relief.

Our guests come from a varied background of experiences, and for some people the idea of massage can cause anxiety.  Serenity Vista Retreat Center respects everyone’s individual needs. If you’ve been busy taking care of other people for many years, it can be difficult to relax and allow yourself to be taken care of. We understand, and we’ll help you work through this. In our experience, when apprehensive guests accept a massage by one of our skilled and intuitive massage practictioners, they soon come to wonder why they waited so long to get one! And they can’t wait for their next one!

Your program includes a weekly massage at The Haven Spa.