45 Day Rehab Program

45 Day Rehab Recovery Program

If you are considering treatment for alcoholism or other forms of addiction, one of the decisions you get to make is the length of your rehab program. Back in the early days of treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, the basic offering was a 28-day program. One length fit all. Where did that number of 28 come from? That is the most number of days most insurance companies would cover financially. There is barely enough time for the mental fog to clear in a 28 or 30 day treatment program!

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The Standard Rehab Program

The usual program length is 45 days. Guests arriving at Serenity Vista do not require a medical detox, but there is almost always a detox process going on. The substances of abuse, alcohol, cocaine, opioids, nicotine, marijuana or other drugs need to clear the body and the mind. People arrive in various states of distress – no one comes to rehab because things are going great!

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What to Expect in 45 Day Rehab Program

It takes about 7 days for the guest to really settle in, get into the routine and start to feel clear headed. The second-week guests are starting to feel physically better. They are getting to know and work with their therapeutic team. Recovery principles are introduced. The guest begins to get a clearer, more realistic view of their lives. In the third week much deeper therapy develops. This work involves a more in-depth delving into personal traumas and distorted thinking. This is not easy work, but necessary for recovery. It takes time, persistence and gentleness. It requires a fine balance of challenge and nurturing, based on the individual personality and circumstances of the guest. And the final week is preparation for post-rehab life, consolidation of learnings, and aftercare planning.

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Begin Your Recovery with our 45 Day Rehab Program

A whole lot happens in a 45-day program. Studies and our own experience show that longer programs are even superior. 70 days is better. 90 days is the best. But a 45-day rehab program is a great start. It is really the standard program that most people choose. We recommend that you stay as long as is possible in your personal situation. We are happy to discuss your personal situation and individual needs with you.

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Great Value in Panama

The 45-day program offering at Serenity Vista is about 1/3 to ½ the cost of comparable North American treatments. We only work with a maximum of 6 guests. Central America is still extremely affordable. And the lack of bureaucratic and insurance company entanglements is really impactful on price. It means your fees go directly towards your program, not administration. Our full 45-day program is often similar to or less than the co-pay that is required by your insurance company. If you have one. Most of our guests have the freedom to choose the best program that suits their needs. Generally speaking, our guests are not those dictated to by employers or insurance companies.

Fees for Drug Rehab

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