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45-Day Recovery Program

What is my best option for drug recovery? If you’re suffering from drug addiction, you’re not alone. Millions of people in the United States and Canada are making their journey toward recovery. And drug rehab is the best way to make the most progress on your journey toward recovery. But how do you know which drug recovery program to choose? Most insurance in the US and Canada only cover up to 30 days of drug rehab, and that’s usually not enough time for most patients. In fact, most rehab facilities in America or Canada only offer 30-day programs. But if you want to make significant progress on your recovery, a 45-day program is a much better choice. Click here to learn more about our US rehab programs.


Why is 45 Day Treatment Program Better?

But why is a 45-day program better than a 30-day program? With 45 days, you’re given much more time to make the changes that you need to make, to your life and your relationships. 45-day programs have been shown by research to be much more effective than 30-day programs.  To learn more about our Texas Rehab Program click here.


In a 45-day program, you really learn the ins and outs of how addiction is a disease, and how you can combat it. If you’re in the US, it pays to look outside the country, so that you can get the 45-day drug recovery program you need. Click here to learn more about our California rehab program.

Why 45 Days of Luxury Rehab in Panama?

By leaving the US or Canada, it’s much easier to get the 45-day program that will really set you up for success. After all, most insurance in America and Canada only covers 30-day programs. Click here to learn more about our luxury Arizona Rehab program.


But by coming to the tropical paradise of Panama, you can not only enjoy an amazing Caribbean setting, you can get the care you really need. Click here to learn more about our Florida rehab program.

45 Days of Luxury Treatment for Your Recovery For A Tremendous Value

And did you know that 45 days of private luxury rehab at Serenity Vista is an incredible value? On average, a 45-day stay here costs around half of what a 30-day program costs in the US or Canada—and that’s just compared to their basic rehab! And, of course, luxury rehab offers a much better quality of care. Click here to learn more about how to reduce your chances of relapse.


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