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I endorse Serenity Vista as a top quality, leading edge, addiction treatment center….I would recommend Serenity Vista as a beautiful destination to get away to and receive the help you need. It is the most well rounded, compassionate, and reasonably priced program I have encountered over my decades of working in this field.

~ Dr. Philip J. Flores, World Renowned Addiction Expert and Author Click Here for his full review

Testimonials from Guests of Serenity Vista:

“I went into Serenity Vista with no hope. On the verge of losing everything to drugs and alcohol. Im happy to say now, that in two weeks, I’ll be clean and sober for 4 years. Business, home life, mental health, all THRIVING!!

I’m not a bot, lol. If anyone wants to hear from my personal experience you are welcome to message me privately.”

T.S., Panama

Posted May 21, 2022 by TS in Facebook post dated May 21, 2022

“Thank you for helping an old lady learn new ways. Who says an old dog can not learn new tricks!?

When I arrived here, I was wound up like a tight ball, and today, I leave light as a feather.

Thank  you for selecting such a wonderful variety of counselors to help me learn to be my true self, along with the sometimes ‘hard truths’ I had to face to get here today.

My prayer is that love continue to shine on Serenity Vista and the work you do.”

C.C., Houston, Texas

Jan 21, 2022

“I have no other words than to say John and Jane and their marvelous team of professional therapists have saved my life. I came to Serenity Vista to rid myself of my alcoholism but I could not have expected to leave with a completely new set of glasses. My entire outlook on life has changed and I have never been closer to my own ‘self’.”

J.S., California

Posted Sept 20, 2021 by JS in Luxury Rehabs

“I thought I would be staying for 30 days and felt very upset when I found out it was 45 days. After day 31 I started to feel the change in me. It is amazing what a difference a day makes. I have been able to get sober, which I thought was almost impossible or unbearable, and have a totally different outlook upon life. All negative thoughts have been erased from my mind and replaced by love and optimism. I feel normal emotions and feelings which before were totally numb and intoxicated. The stay at Serenity Vista in Boquete has helped me appreciate nature, be a more tolerant person and most importantly re connect with my Higher Power. I’m now 81 days sober and enjoying the little thing in life.”

M.S., Panama

Posted Sept 10, 2021 by MS in Luxury Rehabs

“I am two years sober today! I started my sober life at Serenity Vista. What an incredible journey! I learned much about my addiction and myself. I learned how to cope with day to day life without drinking. John, Jane, and all their staff were knowledgable, supportive, and caring. You could tell that they loved their jobs. The environment was beautiful and the weekend outings were awesome. I would definitely recommend Serenity Vista to my family and friends for recovery. It was life changing for me!”

Sherri, USA

Posted by Sherri in Luxury Rehabs

Jake, Testimonial Review of Serenity Vista“Have you ever felt hopeless and lost in life despite your best efforts to use willpower and control to stop drinking or using other drugs? I know I have and when I showed up at Serenity Vista in March 2017 I was hopeless and broken as it gets on the inside and outside. I used to be hopelessly addicted to numbing myself any way possible, including alcohol and cocaine.

What happened was developing a blueprint for staying clean and sober and the tools to live clean on life’s terms no matter what. Ultimately, I have experienced a total transformation to a life beyond my wildest dreams. My new life rocks including restoring relationships, excelling at what I love to do and feeling like I have a purpose.

This change took place by gently and consistently following the suggestions of the team at Serenity Vista. From the first time I contacted John Derry there, I was treated with professional respect, kindness and amazing clarity about my options.

I have come to see that choosing an inpatient treatment can be a complex, even life or death, decision. I learned that Serenity Vista is the best in the world for my residential recovery needs. They call the clients guests instead of patients and it feels that way. The food is first rate, beds are perfect, and weekly recreation is ?! In the end I had so much fun despite the reality I was there to save my life from almost certain death.

If you or someone you know is in need of a recovery solution from addiction or substance use I encourage you to contact Serenity Vista today.

Shout out to Veronica for helping me feel welcome during my stay and going above and beyond her job that way.

Did you know there are only six spots at a time and at an incredible value?”


Posted by Jake on Facebook, Serenity Vista Reviews, unsolicited

“It is no exaggeration when I say Serenity Vista saved my life. This program treats addiction on all levels: body mind and soul. I received the acute attention I needed to heal because of the small number of patients.

My life has changed dramatically for the better. Once in the darkness, I have shifted into the light of a life I never thought was possible. John and Jane Derry care so deeply about each patient. The program is individualized to cater to each person’s specific needs so you can heal properly and on your own time. They take you in and treat you with the utmost love and compassion. I can honestly say they have become family to me. This is a program that works. I am now thankful for every day with pep in my sober step and have a newfound purpose and positive perspective.

From the bottom of my heart, I recommend this program of recovery to everyone and anyone.”

Austin, Texas, USA

I’m very grateful for everything. I came in destroyed, now I’m restored. This has been the best experience in my life, and my gratitude will always be there for you. Thanks for saving my life.

JohnPanama City, Panama

I am celebrating my 5 yr AA birthday on Friday night. Whoo Hoo!! What a ride!! My thoughts go back to 5 yrs ago when I arrived at rehab with you. What a miserable and frightening day that was. I could not have predicted then the great life I am having now. My gratitude to you, the fabulous counselors, and the other guests who shared the beginning steps of my journey. Love and gratitude,
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My stay at Serenity Vista was a life changing experience. I was treated with respect and dignity the entire time. The staff of caring and professional therapists were dedicated and focused on getting to know me and dealing on my core issues. Their holistic approach to healing me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually made for a well rounded treatment experience.
Georgia, USA

Serenity Vista is the place to be,
A bright light that shines through the night,
Which helps me see clearly.
So peaceful and serene,
The only place to stay happy and clean,
A temple of sanity, hidden in the mist of the mountaintop clouds,
Beautifully grown in the valley that emerges from the shrouds.
For any wanderer who does roam
Come Here! To your second home.
Miami, Florida, USA

The treatment program was good, both the setting and counsellors. The treatment centre was comfortable and the food was excellent. The mix of counsellors was effective in that all counselors had different approaches to counselling that as a whole worked for me. The counselors were empathetic and not judgmental. I have never been to treatment before my stay at Serenity Vista, and do not regret having decided upon Serenity Vista for help. The activities on recreation day were fun and exciting. The local AA group was welcoming and helpful to recovery. I recommend Serenity Vista as a treatment and recovery center.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I came into the program with the intention of gaining freedom from nicotine addiction, but left with a whole new vision and sense of purpose for my life as well as having a ‘tool set’ to maintain my freedom from nicotine. I like to say that I came in for a ‘tune up’, but left with a ‘complete overhaul’. The program was indeed life changing and I am forever grateful to John and Jane for making their program available to me and others who suffer from addiction.

Serenity Vista is an amazing facility with some of the most caring and admirable people I have ever met. I had been to another treatment facility in the past and have to say that Serenity Vista was a much more personable and positive experience for myself at a fraction of the cost. The counsellors are amazing and each one of them has left a positive, life long impression with me in many different ways. Thanks to their program, I have the tools to live the life I have always wanted and deserved. The tranquil and serene atmosphere of Boquete, Panama only added to the life-changing experience. On top of it all, some of the best meals I have ever eaten were prepared by Tammy at Serenity Vista. Im sure some people that read this may doubt my review but I can truly say, without reservation, that I am a completely different person (spiritually and mentally). I am extremely grateful for the experience and highly recommend Serenity Vista to anyone and everyone who is willing to make a positive, life transformation.
Edmonton, Canada 

I have so much gratitude to everyone involved with my recovery and healing in Panama. I barely knew where Panama was before I came here, but I am glad my wife found Serenity Vista on the internet. I am actually looking forward to spending time with my teenage daughter – a relationship that was not the best, to say the least! I have the tools now to be a real father, who follows through with commitments and promises.The best part of the program? Well, after Ceiba (the canine therapist) and Tammy’s cooking, and the overnight sailing trip, I would say the awesome dedicated team that stretched me beyond belief.
Toronto, Canada

I came here with no previous counseling or AA experience. 16 yrs as an alcoholic/addict and I am leaving after my Serenity Vista program feeling grateful that I was treated with a personalized recovery program from 6 very experienced therapist with professional degrees. I cant believe I will leave this beautiful town, and country to go back to the snow and cold of Canada…great place to recover.
Tom M.
Cold Lake, Albert

I have experienced the most incredible journey of my life. Along this journey I have traveled the past 45 days, I have faced fear, and found love, joy, acceptance, trust, forgiveness, and faith. As I continue down that road I will carry the knowledge I have gained.
San Antonio, Texas

In the past 6 weeks I’ve been challenged in ways I never imagined – but it was all worth it. You’ve given me the tools and support – Your belief in me has allowed me to grow into the woman I never believed I could be – I love myself now. And my journey doesn’t stop here. I now choose to be happy!
Salt Lake City, Utah

This retreat and all the amazing, loving, talented people here have provided me a safe, nurturing place to uncover and discover and empower the real me. I now feel as though I have a place in this world. I finally feel whole, I love myself! My gratitude runs so deep, it is hard to express in words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Victoria, British Columbia

I am a 69 year old recovering alcoholic. I was spiraling down in unhappiness. Today, I have regained my dignity and self respect. The light has returned to my life. I received the support I needed to look honestly at my life and rediscover myself. And the scenery was awe inspiring; on morning walks, I grew to appreciate and respect the varieties of wildlife. This is a place of fun, love, healing and discovery. It is the beginning of a better way of life for many of us and our families.
GailRegina, SK

A big old thank you goes out to this place of love. It has greatly helped and opened my once cloudy sight and thought. Everything I have learned here will be greatly useful tools in my renewed journey of recovery. I will always have a place in my heart for all I have met and shared so much of life with. Once again, thank you. Love always,
Palm Desert, California

I have experienced so much growth in all the areas: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I now love myself and have learned to let go of the shame and guilt of the past and the constant worry about the future, and to live in the present! I have so much in my life to be grateful for, which I now see. Thank you all!
Vancouver, British Columbia

Thank you for all the help, guidance and love for my new journey. I have had many “revelations” during my stay and have made some wonderful new friends.
Seattle, Washington

I cannot express my gratitude and respect enough. It sure has been an eye opener and I will miss you all very much. I will be back to visit all of you wonderful people. Until then, “One Day At A Time”. Thank you so much.
Red Deer, Alberta

It has been an incredible experience! Never in my life have I been so challenged and fortunate to see what a gift you guys have given me. You are truly a devoted bunch and are one of a kind. Thank you for everything.
Fort Mac Murray, Alberta

I love life now and am ready to face the good and the “unknown” with excitement – yahoo! Thank you for the honesty, love and support.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

My journey here has literally brought me from despair to a place of self realization and strength that I could never have imagined. Your vision has already touched so many and has provided me with a plan and commitment to my recovery, but more than that a true deep discovery of who I am. I take with great gratitude the tools to manage and develop my craft – Life! Thank you for this safe healing place and for all the beautiful people who have given me strength through their stories.
Portland, Oregon

I feel my shame basket is empty now. I feel balanced for the first time. I feel grounded, happy, optimistic. I feel like myself, a new enlightened self. I know that all of these feelings were made possible by the dedication, honest, love and respect that was graciously shown me by you during my stay. Thank you all.
Calgary, Alberta

You guided me and taught me how to face my fears. You taught me how to be real and how to truly honour myself. You taught me how to live in the present, and how to have peaceful closure with the past. You gave me a foundation to build a new life around, and you taught me how to live life on life’s terms. You helped me to help myself.
Los Angeles, California 

I will be forever indebted to this place of miracles. Thank you for believing in me and pushing me to go that extra step. John, words can’t express my gratitude. Thank you.
Calgary, Alberta

There is so much going on in my life now. I am about to finish university at Louisiana State and am getting married to a wonderful guy who is 3 years sober. We recently started a young adults Al-Anon meeting in Baton Rouge, it is the first one in Louisiana. I am working with my first Al-Anon sponsee.

I am working on accepting people for who they are. I can try to change something and if it does not change I do my best to accept it. It’s funny because when I tell people how much my program cost, everyone is like ‘whoa, that’s a lot of money’, and I always say, ‘but it was worth every penny’. It was by far the most incredible life changing experiences I have ever had.

My life is radically different, I am a new person. Sometimes I can’t believe how confident and calm I am when I talk to people; I think, ‘did I just say that?’ Whatever yall did gave me what I needed to be a happy, healthy person. Keep up the awesome work.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Click here to view an 8 year followup note from Aimee received unsolicited, with joy, at Serenity Vista