North Americans Seeking Rehab Abroad with Get Away Feel of a Vacation

Canadians & Americans Seeking Alcohol Treatment or Drug Rehab Abroad with the Feel of a Vacation Get-away

What’s the best option for drug rehab that works for me? Many Americans and Canadians are choosing to leave the United States in order to get the alcohol & drug rehab they need. There are many good reasons to do this, like a better price, higher quality, escaping the influence of temptation, or even just wanting to get away for travel. If you are looking for the drug rehab that you need in order to overcome your addiction, have you considered going abroad for your alcoholism or drug addiction rehab? By leaving Canada or the United States of America (USA), your dollar can stretch a lot farther, and you can travel to beautiful vacation destinations! Click here to learn more about why Panama is such a good choice for rehab.

Why Leave the USA or Canada for Rehab?

Americans Seeking Rehab Abroad, Combining with Vacation

There are many good reasons to leave your North American hometown to get the alcohol or drug rehab that you need. Many Americans and Canadians choose to leave North America just because they can get a much better value for their money in a foreign country. When you go international abroad for your drug addiction rehab, you can get the best quality addiction treatment for much less than you pay for basic rehab in the United States or Canada. Not only that, but by leaving behind your hometown, and your country, you’ll be escaping from the temptations that brought you to alcoholism or drug addiction in the first place. That’s why traveling for alcohol treatment or drug rehab makes so much sense. While comprehensive, holistic rehab in itself is no holiday, with a lot of serious work to do, it doesn’t have to be boring drudgery in an unpleasant setting. In fact, we believe it should be interesting, stimulating, rejuvinating, and indeed fun!

International Rehab—Travel and Recover All at Once

When you travel abroad for the drug rehab that you need, you should choose the destination that fits not only your alcohol treatment or drug rehab needs, but also one that draws you. Where you feel a sense of adventure, of new posibilities, where your heart leads you. When you choose a country like Panama, you’re choosing a beautiful travel destination. People come from all over the world just to travel to Panama. They come to see its beautiful waters, its lush wildlife and forests, and its climate. Doesn’t it make sense to choose a destination for your drug rehab that’s also a vacation destination? When you choose rehab in the tropical paradise of Panama, you’re choosing not only to recover from alcoholism or other drug addiction, but also to travel the world, and enjoy yourself. Click here to learn more about Panama. To experience your new life of sobriety from fresh eyes cast upon new vistas.

The Highest Quality International Destination Addiction Treatment Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Where can I go overseas or internation for the best in alcohol treatment or drug addiction rehab? Serenity Vista offers you the highest quality in private holistic rehab with North American quality. Here, you can enjoy the best that beautiful Panama has to offer, such as the amazing wildlife, and the tranquil peacefulness of the Caribbean. And it’s a much greater value too. In fact, our luxury rehab costs roughly the 1/3 the price of basic rehab in United States. See Serenity Vista program fees here and compare. So you’re not only getting much better, individualized rehab, you will be getting it at a much better value! Click here to learn more about our 45-day rehab program. You can make inquiry or book your recovery program here.

Operated by Canadians

Serenity Vista was founded and continues to be led by Canadian addiction professionals passionate about helping people recovery from all forms of addiction. Panama was carefully chosen as a beautiful get-away destination for Serenity Vista. The setting, North American staff, comprehensive program, and healthy, tropical setting, come together to offer a unique, highly effective, evidence-based, holistic healing program. Accepting a maximum of 6 guests means you will receive individual attention and treated with dignity, respect and compassion as a guest at Serenity Vista.

Panama Chosen By National Geographic as One of the World’s Best Destinations

National Geographic chose Panama as one of the top best destinations to “embrace the season of new beginnings”.

Often overshadowed by Costa Rica and the Caribbean islands, Panama is a cheaper, culturally diverse, and less-crowded paradise of lush jungles, volcanoes, and clear-water beaches.

Recognized as idyllic for embracing ‘new beginnings’, what better place on earth could there be for embracing a new life of sobriety? To get away abroad for high quality Alcohol Treatment or Drug Rehab in an environment that fosters renewal. Serenity Vista of Panama offers North American quality rehab in a most beautiful destination, at Central American prices. Individual attention with a maximum of five fellow guests guarantees your personal needs will be met leading to successful sobriety and achievement of your personal goals. And in a beautiful, restorative, regenerative tropical location with nature’s purest and most magnificent beauty.

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