An Oasis of Peace Where You Can Transform Your Life from Addiction

An Oasis of Peace Where You Can Transform Your Life from Addiction


We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.  ~ Anonymous

There is usually at least one rehab within reach of most large towns, so why would anyone want to travel all the way to Panama for addiction treatment? Choosing a rehabilitation center in a tropical country might sound like a bit of an indulgence, only suitable for the rich and famous, until you realize the benefits of going abroad for such help. You are also likely to be pleasantly surprised to discover how affordable this option can be.

You will probably have no trouble recognizing how your environment has an effect on your thinking and mood. It is this phenomenon that drives a behavior common to many affected by addiction known as the ‘geographical’ – this is where we move to a new location in the hope that it will make our life better. A geographical may work for us in the short-term but eventually our old habits catch up with us, and we are back at square one.

Doing a ‘geographical’ is not the solution to addiction problems, but a temporary stay in a completely new environment that supports recovery can be highly advantageous in early recovery. It means you are going to be away from familiar stresses and temptations and being in the unfamiliar surroundings makes it easier to think in new ways. Transforming your life is just going to be much easier when you are not in an environment that keeps pulling you back towards the status quo.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. ~ Henry Miller

It is much easier to feel optimistic about the future when you are recuperating in tropical paradise. This optimism gets the ball rolling, so by the time you return to your home environment, your recovery will have sufficient momentum to keep you moving towards a much better future.

An Oasis of Peace in Early Recovery

One thing that attracts clients to Serenity Vista is that we are a small community where you will find ample support as you build your new life. Many of the rehabs in North America, Europe, and Australia are busy places with an unfavorable client-to-therapist ratio. It is common for inpatient treatment centers to be dealing with 50 clients at a time, and this may not be the best environment for those of us who so fragile after years of addiction.

At Serenity Vista, we limit our community to just 6 guests, and this creates a more favorable therapeutic environment. The local community of Boquete is rich in natural beauty, cultural diversity with many expats from the USA and Canada, and a strong recovery community supportive of Serenity Vista. Panama is a very safe, beautiful and progressive country. Even if you are able to commit to our 90 day program, you are likely to find that the time passes incredibly quickly. You are going to be making some major changes to your life, and there is a great deal to learn. This is why it is so important that you are in the right environment. If a treatment facility is overcrowded, or it doesn’t offer a decent level of support and comfort, you may be too distracted to make enough progress to create a solid foundation for your new life.

Get away from the stresses of life, experience a new life perspective, and benefit from the world’s most affordable private luxury rehab in the tropical paradise of Panama. Rehab at Serenity Vista is about recovery and renewal of new life. Come to an oasis of peace and transform your life!


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