Why Won’t My Spouse Go To Al-Anon?

why won't my spouse go to Al-Anon

I’m Sober Now, But My Spouse….   It’s classic. The focus is always on the ‘alcoholic‘ in the family. But when the alcoholic sobers up, often the spouse does not know where else to put the focus. We hear the question over and over from people new in sobriety: Why Won’t My Spouse Go To Al-Anon? We received an email from a recent graduate of the SV program. He was very concerned that his wife was not going to Al-Anon. Our former guest felt that his wife’s focus was still on him, even though he was sober; he felt smothered. One of the tools in recovery this alumnus learned is to reach out and ask for help. Below is the actual email response from John Derry, the Director of Serenity Vista, to the former guest’s question: Why won’t my spouse go…

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Treatment for Alcohol, Nicotine and Other Drugs in Panama

let go and let god

Quality Addiction Treatment For Alcohol, Nicotine and Other Drugs in Panama   Discovering that you or a loved one have a problem with alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, other drugs, or sex and gambling can be a very upsetting event. Most likely you never imagined in your wildest dreams that you or your loved one would become an addict. You’ve been successful in so many other areas of your life, right? A ‘take charge’ kind of guy, work hard and play hard. But, little by slowly this picture of success becomes a little shabbier at the edges. Secrets. Shame. Guilt. Remorse.  Living a double life, fear of being caught, perhaps feeding the fire of organized crime? What? That’s not what you signed up for! You just want to have a good life! You love your family. I don’t want to be an addict!!…

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Women’s Recovery Retreat

Women's Recovery Retreat

Women’s Recovery Retreat for Alcoholism   “I know that I need help to quit drinking, but…I have a lot of fears!” Here are the top 3 fears. 3 Fears I Have About Residential Alcohol Treatment: 1. The other people in treatment with me – who are they? This one really makes sense. Many rehabs are full with people sent from the justice system – jail or treatment. Or addicts who have already hit the street, coming in for their 6 or 12th treatment stint. You don’t need to have the distraction from your own recovery by your fear of the other clients. Women’s recovery retreats are different,  just like accommodation choices while traveling. For example, there are youth hostels, budget motels, nice hotels, and 5-star resorts. Where do you fit? If you still have options, take them while you can! 2.…

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Panama, Central America for Alcohol Treatment

Panama, Central America Treatment for Alcoholism

Panama, Central America to Recover From Alcoholism Addiction in North America right now is deafening.  City morgues and emergency rooms cannot keep up with the rising death toll. The result of the collective pain, sorrow, and suffering for the lost and the loss is a dark oppressive, low-lying cloud. Compounding the tragedy of the heroin/opioid epidemic is the explosion of patient brokering and unethical rehabs. Patient brokering loosely is when an addiction recovery drug rehab actually pays a third party large amounts of cash for clients. The combination of huge numbers of available addicts, willing insurance payouts, and hungry rehabs, the financial temptation of corruption has become just another drug for some people in the industry. With this in mind, consider the state of big rehab in America. The overall mood in alcohol and other drug rehabilitation treatment is at…

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30 Day Rehab vs Extended Rehab Programs

I Want a 30 Day Rehab Program   This is part of a correspondence with a potential guest wanting a 30 day rehab program. While a 30 day rehab program may be more palatable, it is not nearly as effective as a longer program. Read our actual email response:   Dear __________, Thanks for sending in the Admission Inquiry Form last evening. It seems like Serenity Vista would be an excellent fit for your needs. We offer a full, professional treatment team, holistic therapies, and adventure recreation. Panama offers a plethora of opportunities for fun! You describe being able to stop your drug use for days or weeks at a time, but always end up going back and starting again. Staying stopped, for good, is what we will help you with. Your experience shows that you are able to safely stop…

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Alcohol Rehab South Africa

Rehab south africa

Alcoholism Recovery in South Africa   If you are an alcoholic living in South Africa, there is hope. No one wants to admit they have a problem with drinking alcohol. But perhaps you’ve been told to cut back on your drinking, or you have another concern there may be a bit of a problem. Therefore, maybe you don’t think that you are an alcoholic, maybe you think you are just drinking a bit too much. The hangovers are getting worse. There is some confusion, maybe shame, guilt or remorse in the morning. Drinking and Driving in South Africa Driving under the influence of alcohol is a deadly consequence of alcoholism. Therefore it is not surprising that problem drinkers may wake up and check their driveway for the car. Or look for signs of an accident on their vehicle. According to…

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What is Holistic Alcohol Treatment?

Healing the Whole Person

Holistic Alcohol Treatment is Healing Body, Mind & Spirit From Addiction   Holistic alcohol treatment facility can be a loose term. A less professional ‘holistic rehab treatment’ may offer lots of yoga, meditation, and detox drinks. This might be a great option for someone who is not an addict. But alcoholism is chronic, progressive and fatal. This is the nature of alcoholism. Addiction treatment demands much more than spa treatments. A non-holistic treatment center focuses mainly on just one faction of the addiction. Some common focus may be on medication or psychiatry. Fitness perhaps is on the main menu. Just going to 12 Step meetings and reading The Big Book isn’t a rehab. Perhaps the concentration is put on a particular form of Christianity or Buddhism.Maybe aversion therapy or just a plain old lock up.  There is no integration of…

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High-Bottom Alcohol Abusers

High-bottom alcohol treatment at Serenity Vista Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Tropical Paradise

Help For High-Bottom Drunks   I’m actually really scared of going to rehab. I’ve watched the news, I know about the epidemic of overdoses and the subsequent explosion of drug rehabs. Especially the rehabs in Florida and New York with the owners in handcuffs. These characters seem really sketchy! I know an addict is an addict is an addict, but I don’t want to be living with smokers and I don’t want to be ‘doing chores’ in some institution. Help! High Functioning Alcoholics Many alcohol abusers conclude they need to stop drinking while things are still pretty good in their lives. Maybe a parent or other family member is demonstrating what happens when an alcohol abuser continues abusing alcohol. The bottom for an alcoholic is when the alcoholic stops digging. It is always an advantage if this is a ‘high-bottom’.…

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Rehab To Quit Smoking?

nicotine addiction recovery

Residential Treatment For Smoking Cessation Stats say in the US: 70% percent of all nicotine users want to quit.  So I get that most people can’t quit on their own – but residential treatment? That seems extreme. Nicotine addiction is drug addiction. Make no mistake about that. If you are still smoking, you are in active drug addiction. Addiction can be defined as continuing to use a substance (or behavior) despite negative consequences. Ask yourself if that applies to your smoking behaviors. Being an active nicotine addict means a continuous dance between physiological nicotine withdrawal, emotional, mental and physical craving, and replenishing the nicotine in the body, 10 – 30 times a day. OK, maybe so, but what happens in nicotine addiction treatment? Will I be with other addicts? Addiction is addiction is addiction. No matter what addiction a person…

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