Crab-Dependency & Codependency Treatment

People-Pleasing Perils


Crab-Dependency & Codependency Treatment - Codependency Crab - Co-dependency behavior in addiction as presented at Serenity Vista drug rehab in tropical Panama


Co-dependency, just like any other addiction, does kill. The person suffering from obsessive care-taking characteristic of codependency may not experience the dramatic death or lock up of an active alcoholic or addict, but they will surely die a spiritual, emotional or mental death. The family members and loved ones of addicts need recovery too. Codependency treatment can help those that are suffering from the same disease of addiction. First and foremost we recommend Al-Anon Family Groups, but many co-dependents need a residential treatment to learn the tools of recovery.

The dynamics behind the destructive effects of codependency and co-dependent behaviors and relationships are difficult for many to grasp at first. This little metaphorical story helps to illustrate the need for codependency treatment:

Crabs in a Bucket Demonstrate Codependency

One day a little girl was down at a seaside dock with her parents. She skipped down the pier and came across an old man doing some crabbing. The little girl was fascinated! The old man pulled the crab trap out of the water and put several squirming, pinching crabs into a steel bucket that already contained some live crabs. He then turned away to re-lower his trap.


“Hey Mister!” the little girl was concerned, she spoke, “your crabs are trying to get out of the bucket! Don’t you want to put a lid on them, so they don’t get out?”


The old man turned to the little girl, and to the crabs, who were scrambling to pull themselves out of the bucket, and said, ” Girl, them crabs is just like people. When one crab gets a hold of the top of the bucket, and tries to pull his self up and out, them other crabs reaches out and pulls him back down”.


Pay attention to who is in your bucket. Do they really want you to succeed? Are there some who you had best leave behind? These type of co-dependency issues as they related to alcohol and drug addiction and codependency treatment will be an integral part of your holistic healing at private, international rehab in tropical Panama. At Serenity Vista, we believe that codependency deserves rehab too.


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