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Codependency Deserves Rehab Too!

If addiction is a chronic, progressive, family disease, and everyone in the family system is affected, then why is it that rehab is typically only for the alcoholic/addict? Why not the codependent?

Adult children of alcoholics (ACOA) and other forms of codependency are just as significant and impactful as addiction to alcohol, other drugs, or behaviors such as gambling. The alcoholic / addict goes off to rehab and comes home a new person: freed of destructive patterns of thinking and behaving, relieved of shame, guilt and remorse, and with new life skills for living life on life’s terms, one day at a time.

But what about you? The codependent? Have you self evaluated whether you are codependent? Perhaps you have grown up with an alcoholic parent. Perhaps your loved one is suffering from addiction and you feel addicted to their addiction. Or you have been in relationship, or marriage, with a suffering alcoholic or addict. You worry about others, try to make things right, give of yourself endlessly, feel upset, disrespected, or taken for granted by the way others treat you, attempt to control people, places or things, feel empty, despair, lesser-than, shame, or anger. You feel alone in a sea of people you care for. No one understands.

We do. We get it. You need and deserve help too! You too should have a healing, nurturing place where you can go to heal. A place to retreat and have expert treatment for your codependency. Have a break. Take time for you. Restore and renew.

Serenity Vista is that place. You will find out who YOU really are. We’ll help you focus on you for a change! You will process and let go of past hurts, stop worrying about the future, and learn skills for living life, YOUR life, in this moment, to your fullest. Heal from the constraints of codependency. And you will have FUN too!

The mad cycle of addiction and codependency within the entire family can finally be broken. It’s time to be free!

Co-dependency rehab. IT’S YOUR TURN!

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