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Addiction Recovery & Fear

Face fear in addiction recovery at Serenity Vista private drug rehab

Alcohol, nicotine or other drugs have you in the grip of addiction. You know it’s a problem and you need help but something is holding you back. Oftentimes it is fear in addiction recovery. Fear is likely the barrier between you and addiction treatment. Fear is a vital human emotion, but in today’s world, it is a much more complex emotion that can render us paralyzed in our addictions. You can face your fear in addiction recovery.

The Fear of Treatment

Struggles with the fear that everyone will know you have a drug or alcohol problem if you enter rehab consume you. You have, after all, been leading a double life. Try to take some comfort in the fact that the people closest to you more than likely already know you have an addiction, and they want you to get treatment.

But the process of addiction treatment can be terrifying as well. What do you do in rehab treatment? You tell yourself you’re not worthy of sobriety. You say you’re too broken to be fixed. Looking too deeply within and being forced to relive the things you are trying to escape in your alcoholism or other addiction frightens you to the core.

These are substantial fears, but finding the right addiction treatment center will be key in helping you with your desire to get clean and sober. A 90-day rehab is the best course to get to the root of your fears and why you turned to addiction in the first place.

The Fear of Failure

Attempts to stop drinking or using in the past have failed. You tell yourself that drug treatment won’t work anyway, “I’ll just fail at it like everything else,” you say.

Fear of failure is the one thing that holds most addicts back from seeking out drug and alcohol treatment centers. A vicious cycle of attempts and failures at different things has trapped them in addiction. Whether it is jobs or relationships, the failure is due to the addiction and not the abilities of the addict. The disease of addiction is a constant battle between your true self and the one who succumbs to the fears that feed the disease.

Getting help is the best way for you to free yourself from the shackles of addiction and learn to live a life of happy sobriety. It is possible to recover: Many have gone before you.

On the flip side of the fear of failure is that of success.

The Fear Of Success

Believe it or not, this is a very real fear, especially in sobriety. Once you get sober in rehab, when you leave you must face the world as a sober addict or alcoholic in recovery. Your life is getting better day-by-day. Everything is going wonderfully.

And that’s when you start to doubt yourself and your recovery. You pause long enough to allow the disease, lying in wait, to reach its tentacle inside your head. It tells you that you don’t deserve success for all of your past misdeeds. It tells you not to go for that promotion at work. Don’t volunteer for that team project. Don’t ask that person on a date. Your addiction wants nothing more than to keep you stagnant because eventually, unhappiness will settle in and then you’re right back to using.

But you don’t have to have fear in addiction recovery any longer. Living the tools of sobriety you will learn at a high quality holistic drug rehab help reduce your chances of relapse.

Now is The Right Time

If you’re ready to live a life of sobriety without fear, Serenity Vista is just what you’re looking for. There’s no need to fear large groups. We limit the number of guests to six to ensure the care you receive is tailored to your individual need and situation. Freedom from addiction is a personal journey, and our extended rehab program, in our peaceful and tranquil setting, will afford you the necessary time to dig deep and conquer your fears. Helping you live a happy, healthy, substance-free life is our goal.

Take the first step and contact us to today.


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