Hiding Drinking

Hiding Drinking – Sign of a Real Problem

Many people struggling with addiction think that if they’re hiding drinking , they’re hiding their addiction.

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Stashes of alcohol

Are you someone who hides alcohol? Do you have a bottle stashed behind the laundry soap or the cereal on the top shelf? Or perhaps you keep a flask behind the tools in the garage or shed. Maybe there are some nips in the bottom drawer of your desk at work or in your purse. We’ve heard of many ingenious methods of hiding your drinking – and maybe we even tried some of them ourselves.

Do you drink alone?

You mentally check out when you’re with your friends or family, because you can’t wait be alone to drink like you want to. You find yourself doing a lot of laundry or tinkering in the garage. No one will suspect anything is wrong as long as your kids have clean clothes or everything is in working order.

Out of sight but not out of mind

You might think that because your alcohol is out of sight and no one sees you drinking the primers or the chasers, that no one knows about your addiction. However, there will come a day when your secret is out of the closet, even if your alcohol isn’t.

Someone is going to stumble across your empties. Alternately, someone will hear the trash bag clinking as you try to sneak it out of the house and into your neighbor’s can or the dumpster down the street.

You constantly show up late for activities with friends, or not at all.

Or you show up drunk.

No way to live

We understand. You can’t bear the idea of running out of alcohol: You need to feed your addiction. Everything is alright in your world if you know where your next drink is coming from. Hiding your drinking is the only way to get enough.

However, the day will come when you cannot see past your next drink.

That is no way to live; it is a way to die a long, slow, and painful death. First, your addiction will kill your self-respect. Then there will be a thousand small deaths – including your ambitions, your friendships, and your mind – as you head to your final resting place.

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