Hitting Bottom – How Low Do I Have To Go?

Before it’s 6 Feet Under

Hitting bottom. Get help at Serenity Vista private rehab before your bottom gets deeper.

Hitting bottom refers to a place that a person suffering from addiction needs to get to in order to be able to fully surrender. The question is, how low do I have to go? The truth is that everyone’s bottom is not the same and it takes very different things to make a person in active addiction admit defeat.

Where is the Bottom?

For a lot of alcoholics or addicts, eating from a dumpster, losing custody of children, suffering physical abuse, becoming homeless, even doing jail time, is simply not enough to call it their bottom. For some, the bottom is 6 feet deep. For other’s, it may be waking up feeling regretful for having yelled at the kids or upsetting an important family event.

The truth is that an addict does not have to lose everything before they give up and ask for help. The threshold is different for everyone. Once an addict or alcoholic has enough, they will surrender because of reasons that might seem strange to others. Some people do not require fully destroying their life before they quit, while others will require the ultimate sacrifice, death.

Rock Bottom’s Relationship to Denial

Rock bottom ultimately comes from a place where denial has been cushioning the fall. Denial is used as a subconscious defense mechanism and helps fuel the fire for avoidance.  Addicts play the ‘blame game’ and  justify inappropriate action with sometimes ridiculous methods. Until the person admits that the real problem is their substance abuse, they will be forever caught in that web of deceit. Until this happens, they are unable to hit rock bottom.

Your Bottom

Your bottom will be a place where  self reflecting  is finally inevitable. It is your very own wake up call, a place that tells you it is time to make a transformation. It is a place inside your mind or deep in your soul that says stop; you have some changes to make. It’s a place that lets you know the time is right for purging your toxic actions, your sad self worth, your manipulating, and your feelings of shame and guilt. It is a place that is saying this is your time to live again.

Your’s Can be Now

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, your bottom can be where you are today. Your bottom ‘happens’ when you stop digging! Simply give up. Realize that more of the same will bring more of the same. It always gets worse. It doesn’t have to. Simply reach out and ask for help. You alone can do it, but you can not do it alone. Reach out today for help. Serenity Vista is a private rehab retreat in an intimate, tropical setting will help you become sober and change your life. Call today!


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