Happy – Life Before & After Addiction

Happy – A Time Before Addiction

Happy recovery. Serenity Vista

Do you remember being happy before addiction?

Do you remember a more innocent era? Being happy? Can you recount a time when you could wake up and look at yourself in the mirror guilt free? Back then, you felt with every fiber of your being that life was good and held immense promise for you. Recall those early and easy days free of struggle. Sure, there were bad days. But even on your worst day, when things felt out of control, you found comfort knowing that things would work out.

How great it would be to return to that point in your life. To simply be happy.

Can you remember a time when the future looked bright? Perhaps you were young, starting out your life on your own. It was a time when the world felt open and accessible. Many times in those moments of accomplishment and even occasional bliss, you felt that all things were possible. Time spent with family and friends was a delight. Relationships ran deep and you could look people in the eye, not of arrogance, but with connection.

Be happy again!

If you like so many people, have fallen into the darkness of addiction, these memories are all but seemingly distant dreams. That once-happy time of your life seems far away now. But although you worry that you can no longer access it, we’re here to tell you, you can. You alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone.

You don’t have to hide – For an addict to return to a balanced life requires him or her to come out into the light. That’s where you started, before addition drove you under.

First, recognize you have you an addiction problem. The next step is to connect with a desire to solve it. From there, admit you need help and get it.

Perhaps you think, “not me, it’s too late – I’ve tried to quit before but have failed.” Would it surprise you to know that many recovered addicts had these same doubts? They too wished for a return to happy times. Like you, they feared it wasn’t possible. But it was for them, and it is possible for you, too.

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It’s never too late

It’s never too late to turn back. That is one of the biggest myths that addiction perpetuates. The nature of addiction is to keep using drugs, to keep drinking, or to keep gambling at all costs. Addiction seeks only to keep itself alive and will tell you every lie possible to do so. This includes feeding an addict the narrative of “it’s no use to even try.”

But it’s never too late to offer yourself hope and life through treatment. In fact, when addicts seek help from an effective drug and alcohol rehab program, they will surely make gains.

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Happy recovery

Happy, joyous & free!

At Serenity Vista, we’ve helped countless addicts surrender to the process of recovery, and find a positive outlook on their lives. To be ‘happy, joyous, and free“. And we can do the same for you, whatever stage of addiction you’re in. You too can be happy again.

If you hunger to reclaim your happiness, to continue living the good life you once knew, contact us today. We’ll help you overcome your addiction, and show you the path home to true contentment, peace of mind, and inner happiness.

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