Addiction Doubt-Denial-Guilt-Blame

Learning to Question Recovery Limiting Thoughts

Addiction doubt-denial-guilt-blame are common cognitive myths. don't believe everything you think

Addiction Doubt-Denial-Guilt-Blame

In addiction treatment, alcoholics and other drug addicts battle harmful and unproductive thinking daily: addiction doubt-denial-guilt-blame. Along their way to sobriety, they are very often plagued by such limiting beliefs and thoughts patterns that reinforce addictive behaviors and negative actions. Here, we’ll take a look at these Four False Thoughts that hold many addicts back from enjoying the true freedom of peace of mind: Addiction doubt-denial-guilt-blame.


Volumes could be written about the relationship between doubt and addiction. And perhaps no other False Thought is as destructive or as limiting. When an addict commits to getting better, few things can slow their progress like a strong bout of doubt. Most addicts are attacked by a barrage of limiting beliefs in the early stages of recovery. “This won’t work … you failed before … you’re not strong enough,” are all common doubts that recovering addicts must face and overcome. If you find yourself confronted by this False Thought, you’re not alone. Participation in the 12 step program gives hope to addicts, by being able to see face to face examples of those who have recovered from addiction.


If doubt is King among False Thoughts, denial is Queen. It’s been said so often, it’s almost a cliche: the first step in solving a problem is admitting there is one. This seems like common sense, but it’s ironically common for most addicts to live in denial. This denial can last for years and decades, until they finally reach the end of their rope and seek rehab. And not only addicts suffer from denial, but those closest to them, the enablers or codependents. These people are also afflicted by denial and are often unwilling to admit their loved ones are addicts in need of professional help. Family members are encouraged to begin their own program of recovery.


Easily one of the most complicated but least explored human emotions, guilt can be a wrecking ball in the mind of an addict. Painful replays and shameful memories can crush the spirit. In early recovery, guilt repeatedly robs even those committed to recovery of their progress. In fact, if there is one single False Thought that can drive an addict to relapse, it is the all-consuming, overpowering, and painful feeling of guilt. Having lived impulsive lives of poor choices and many mistakes, few addicts are immune to guilt. The process of the 12 Steps addresses a person’s guilt and they can be reassured that when the timing is right, they will make right the wrongs they have done.


Last but certainly not least, blame is one of the first False Thoughts an addict will face in recovery – and one of the first sharp stones cast out of desperation. Rather than assuming control of their situation, addicts often point to other people and external factors as reasons for their failings, despite the fact that they alone have the power to transform their lives. One of the great tools for blame is the simple saying about finger pointing – if you have one finger pointing out, there are three fingers pointing inwards. Having a supportive and safe environment where a person can take the risk to really look at themselves is an incredible gift.

Finding Peace of Mind

As many recovered addicts have found, overcoming these Four False Thoughts (and the myriad of other mistaken beliefs) is only possible with the right treatment. Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Treatment Retreat, is one of the very best private-pay rehabilitation centers that can help you move beyond the false thoughts of addiction toward freedom. Our dedicated staff will show you how to eliminate doubt, denial, guilt, and blame, and replace them with faith in a higher power, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and eventually responsibility. Each of these puts the power to transform your life in your own hands. By replacing false thoughts with positive thinking, you too can take wide strides toward lasting freedom.

Are you ready for real change? Are you wanting to be challenged on your self-defeating thoughts? Contact Serenity Vista to see how we can help you be free from addiction to be happy, joyous and free. Your life will transform in amazing ways.


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