How to Increase Your Readiness for Rehab

How to Increase Your Readiness for Rehab

Preparing yourself for rehab is highly recommended because this this means you will be able to hit the ground running. You are only going to have a limited amount of time to get what you need from this program so having the right mindset can make a huge difference. Here are a few suggestions for how you can increase your readiness for rehab.

Be Enthusiastic about Recovery

 We have to pursue recovery with the same tenacity and enthusiasm that we had when we were drinking or using other drugs. ~ Allen Berger 12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Your Recovery

Breaking free of an addiction is a big deal. Even those people who have never been addicted to alcohol or drugs can struggle when it comes to making a major change to their life (e.g. just think about all of those broken New Year resolutions). It is your enthusiasm that produces the necessary motivation to change. This is summed up nicely in a wonderful quote by Trina Paulus:



How does one become a butterfly? They have to want to learn to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar. ~ Trina Paulus


Write a Letter to Your Future Self

One way you can increase your enthusiasm for recovery is to write a letter to your future self. In this letter, you can jot down all your hopes for your new life, and all the reasons you need to change your current situation. Writing things down like this can be a powerful practice because it allows you to be clear about your hopes and aspirations. There is useful website called that you can use to send emails to yourself in the future.

Develop a Beginner’s Mind

The process of addiction causes us to develop many unhelpful beliefs, coping strategies, and ideas about the world. In order to overcome these negative thinking patterns, you need to be willing to learn and change. The ideal mindset for this to happen is referred to as ‘beginner’s mind’. It requires that you develop a bit of humility and being willing to listen with openness to suggestions that may at first seem threatening (e.g. the suggestion that you can never again use any recreational drug safely).

Be Ready to Be Honest

In the world of recovery, we like to say that you are only as sick as your secrets. In order to benefit from any type of therapy, you need to be open and honest about yourself. There will be times when you may feel great resistance to revealing your inner demons, but you can benefit greatly from doing this. Of course, it is vital that you can do this with a therapist you trust. There are also sensitive topics that you might want to share only in a one-to-one therapy session rather than group therapy.

Have Realistic Expectations

Expecting too much too soon (a trait typical of alcoholics/addicts) can lead to disappointment and resentment, which in turn can lead to the nearest bar or dealer. In early recovery to mid-recovery, it should be enough that at the end of each day you can say, “I stayed sober today.” ~ Al J. Mooney – The Recovery Book

The problem with unrealistic expectations is it leads to disappointment, and this can then be used as a justification to relapse. You can expect improvements in your life by going to rehab but recovery is a process rather than an event. Early recovery can be an exciting and optimistic time, but there are sure to many challenges as you start to rebuild your life. If you are prepared for these challenges, you are going to find them much easier to manage.

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