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Affordable Alcohol Treatment & Drug Rehab Clinics

Private Addiction Treatment Center

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Distinguishing Features of Serenity Vista:

World Class Rehab Clinics

Serenity Vista is the world’s most affordable alcohol treatment & drug rehab private luxury addiction treatment center. An internationally recognized center of excellence for addiction treatment & recovery. This unique addiction recovery program is based on the Minnesota Model of the world renowned Hazelden Betty Ford Treatment Center. The Minnesota Model has become the world gold standard, integrating the disease concept of addiction, twelve step fellowship, and spirituality. Using this holistic rehabilitation approach, you will benefit from an individualized program focused on restoring body, mind and spirit. The spiritual principles of the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are foundational. Our experience is seasoned with decades of clinical experience in Canadian healthcare and the provision of leading edge addiction services in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Limited to a maximum of 6 guests, you will receive individual attention and privacy during your stay at one of the most luxurious rehab clinics in Panama. We pride ourselves on offering luxury rehab facilities at affordable rehab prices. If you feel you are at a crossroads and want help with staying sober, the freedom of recovery, peace and serenity, we can help you with your substance addiction. You will experience hope, know peace and experience a new-found freedom! Here’s what our guests have to say about their experience. Also click here for independent reviews.


Your fees are extremely competitive, much lower than similar quality programs in the US and Canada, and are all inclusive of accommodation, meals, and program. Compared to $30,000 or $50,000 per month for programs at major US addiction recovery centers, Serenity Vista offers you exceptional value, and a return on investment that will transform your life.


Many seeking addiction treatment or drug rehab clinics prefer to travel out of country to ‘get away’ for a fresh perspective and start on life. Panama is a safe, progressive country, a sought-after international get away destination, with increasing direct flights at reasonable prices from many major cities across the Americas and Europe. For example, roundtrip fare from Miami, Florida, to Panama City, is $419 (including taxes and fees).

Experienced Leadership

Founder and Director John Derry is an internationally recognized and highly respected leader in the addiction field. An experienced health professional with complementary degrees in Pharmacy and Addiction, John directed a leading Canadian substance addiction rehabilitation program before shifting focus to Panama’s Serenity Vista. The leadership brings over thirty years of experience helping alcoholics and addicts to Boquete, in the mountains of Panama. A dedicated team of counselors, facilitators, and holistic therapy practitioners have been assembled to provide you the best recovery program available, with individualized attention to ensure that you receive the best drug and alcohol treatment programs available, at an affordable price. Serenity Vista Inc. is fully licensed and incorporated as a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation facility by the Republic of Panama, Central America.

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Beautiful Setting

Panama, an internationally recognized safe and progressive tropical paradise, is the number one travel destination of 2012. Home to Serenity Vista, the mountainous highland region of Boquete is famous for rainbows, flowers, birds, and coffee. Boquete is known as “the land of eternal spring.” At Serenity Vista you will enjoy expansive, beautiful gardens and streams. Your weekly recreational outings provide additional opportunities to experience the varied abundance and diversity of the area. The beauty and climate of Serenity Vista rehab clinics provides a natural peace and serenity, highly supportive of your journey of discovery and recovery in a quiet and naturally beautiful setting. You will grow in strength of body and mind, and be immersed in a healing infusion of spirit.


You will be treated with dignity and experience the most robust and comprehensive recovery program available world wide. We will go to great lengths to facilitate your journey of self discovery and new life of recovery. Through our holistic rehabilitation program, you will heal in mind, body and spirit. The transformation you will experience will astound you; the new reality you will step into will be one of acceptance, mindfulness, peace and serenity. We believe in miracles, and you can be one of them. You can have the life you’ve dreamed of, and deserve. We will help you if you want us to.

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