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John Derry, Director

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“I highly recommend Serenity Vista. John is a dedicated pro who runs an excellent program! Several years ago, our TPA sent an employee of a client to the substance abuse recovery program at Serenity Vista. The outcome was positive, the price point spot-on, and John remains a trusted provider.”

Steven Shai Gold, Corporate Senior Vice President at MDabroad

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“I had the opportunity to meet and interact with John Derry, Founding Director of Serenity Vista. He stood out as a professional with an extensive background in addiction treatment, and it was apparent that he is a skilled clinician and master therapist. I have subsequently come to know of the treatment program he leads, Serenity Vista. I am impressed with the depth and quality of the program it offers. Not only is it located in a beautiful, tropical location where I hope to travel again, but the program offered at Serenity Vista is outstanding, offering some unique features that set it apart from traditional treatment centers in North America.”

Dr.  Philip J. Flores, Ph.D., is a world renowned addiction expert psychologist, author and lecturer, spanning a career of over thirty years in the fields of addictive disorders and group psychotherapy.

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“John is a meticulous and detail oriented worker with great communication skills and intuitive counselling abilities. He manages people well and is a great listener.”

Steve Crane, Family Counselor, Hazelden Foundation, Minnesota, USA


“I am delighted to recommend John Derry. I have know John over many years and have always been impressed by his integrity, intelligence and his kindness. He has been a leader in many roles over the course of his career and I am sure that John will continue to be successful in all endeavours. I have no doubt that he continues to make a real difference in the lives of people with whom he works.”

Karen Graham, Counselor; Director, Panacea Canada Inc.


“John is a man for whom I have had high regard both personally and working with him professionally. He has the ability to bring out the very best in people with whom he works and those who he guides though their life processes. I highly recommended John.”

Casey J. Gryba, M.A., D.D
Ecclesiastical Coordinator, United Centers for Spiritual Living, Kelowna, BC


“John’s reputation is far-reaching… thanks John, for following your dream and being such an inspiration to so many who need you!”

Candace Plattor, Counsellor, Vancouver, BC


“John has the vision and commitment to start and develop an unique residential treatment program. He demonstrates honesty and respect with all guests. I have always felt and been treated as a respected colleague.”

Art Gillan, Counsellor, Kelowna, BC


“Years ago I was told that if the “alphas” of the world would just pick up their reins, the planet would be a markedly better place. I kept thinking about this, a little sorry for myself that I clearly wasn’t an alpha, let alone one with reins …

John Derry is one of the many teachers in my life who helped me to begin to see that, indeed, we’re all alphas – and helped me to begin to pick up my reins.

This is what I know to be true of John Derry: he leads by example; he suits up and shows up; he lives the principles of his convictions and seeks to make a difference in the lives of others while walking softly with dignity and integrity in this life.

When John first told me about his dream to found an addiction recovery retreat as a new model of care, and about the actions he was taking toward that, I was so very moved. In that moment, without either of us knowing it, he gave me permission to follow my own dream, some seven years later.

It’s how this deal works.

It’s a pleasure to know and to recommend John Derry. The world needs more of him.”

Leslie Holt, Markham, Ontario


“I have known John Derry for the past five and a half years, four of those from working as a Massage Practitioner in his program. I see John as being one of the highest authorities in the field of addictions. Both his personal and professional experiences have enabled him to develop the expertise and compassion that is so essential to be effective and successful in his field. His passion, dedication, and conviction towards his work is admirable!”

Tia Cherneski, Massage Practitioner, Kelowna, BC


“I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with the Derrys as their public relations representative, and I can attest to the extraordinary work that goes on there. John’s program is top-shelf as far as I’m concerned and I’d give he and Jane my highest endorsement. They run a GREAT program.”

Gary Stromberg, Author, Speaker, The BLACKBIRD Group, California, USA


“From the first moment I met John at his office it was clear he was committed to his work helping others overcome their addictions. I was impressed not just with his training and expertise but with the sincerity and passion with which he applies it. If you or anyone you know is struggling with an addiction I would highly recommend they meet with John Derry.”

Larry Arrance, Sr. Marketing Coach, Cornerstone Consultants, Kelowna, BC


“John is an energetic, knowledgeable and results oriented visionary who continuously strives for a better way, both professionally and personally. His personal attributes of compassion, optimism, intuition, and empathy have a tremendous impact on everyone he interacts with. He is an effective teacher and motivator who gives people the tools and support needed to affect change in their lives.”

Jim Stewardson, Director, HR, Kraft Foods, Canada


“I had the pleasure of working with John at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and GlaxoWellcome / GlaxoSmithKline. I first met John at Sunnybrook, where he was one of my instructors. He was very patient and thorough, knowing just how much independence to give his students. Later, as staff at Sunnybrook, I found John to be extraordinarily professional and an excellent team player with a terrific sense of humour.

I was delighted to find out that John was working at GW/GSK when I joined the organization. Along with the professionalism I had come to expect, I had greater exposure to John’s ability to embrace change (specifically with respect to IT technologies) and his ability to connect with people, in a meaningful way, as individuals. John always treated his colleagues with the highest dignity and respect.”

Nicole Lee, Owner, Nightshade Creations


“Throughout the past year, I have observed and corresponded with John and Jane in the “social media world.” I admire their genuine passion for the struggling addict. Their “non-institutional rehab center”, Serenity Vista truly promises to be a place of hope, a rare “one of a kind” gem in the world of treatment resources.”

Judy Herzenak, Dir. Creative Development and Marketing, Changing Lives Foundation


“John is a wonderful person who has continually provided excellent service to the recovery community for addiction and alcoholism. His non-institutional approach to treatment is, hands down, an asset to those who seek recovery in the early stages.

Both personally and professionally I would recommend John for any venture he and/or his team would choose to pursue.”

Philip Cory, Owner, (Addiction) Treatment USA


“I feel like I’ve known John forever.
John took a very courageous step in moving from the security of a corporate salary to his own ventures. I have been thrilled to watch John every step of the way. If you need customized help for your problem addiction, or know of someone who does, contact John. He walks the talk!”

Keith Bray, Owner/Partner, Keith Bray Associates, LTD.


“I worked with John in different capacities at GlaxoWellcome and GlaxoSmithKline. His thoughtfulness and caring for his team were exceptional and he was always able to balance the needs of the business with the people aspects of the job. As a peer, I came to rely on his high standards of integrity, his warmth and his attention to detail.”

Kathryn Simpson, Strategic Change Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Canada


Serenity Vista _DIG endorsement

Serenity Vista has been approved by the Diversified Intervention Group as the recommended international addiction treatment facility of choice for those seeking treatment outside the United States.

The Diversified Intervention Group is known as an independent, knowledgeable, trusted, non-profit resource in Chemical Dependency and Mental Health, helping those suffering from addiction find a suitable rehab or treatment program that will help end the cycle of addiction.

In their endorsement of Serenity Vista, DIG acknowledges:

“Experienced leadership above all. Founder and Director John Derry is a recognized and highly respected leader in the addiction field.”

“We endorse Serenity Vista 100%”