Why Can’t I Stop Drinking If I Want to Quit?

I Want to Quit – Why Am I Drunk Again?

That is the question almost every alcoholic gets to at one point in their drinking career. Sometimes, not finding the answer to that question will lead right to the graveyard. The sad news is, that once the undertaker is tagging your toe, it is too late to do anything about your drinking. If you want to quit, don’t wait.

So, back to the question, “Why am I drunk again? Why do I keep drinking, when I clearly want to stop?” If you find yourself asking this question, guess what? You are probably an alcoholic. It doesn’t matter if anyone else diagnoses you as alcoholic – the change to sobriety can ONLY happen if it is your own diagnosis. Here’s a good clue though, people that are not alcoholic never wonder if they are alcoholic. In fact, social drinkers never count how many days it has been since their last drink! Strange, but true.

“Why?” is the Wrong Question

The questions of “why?”, “why do I drink so much” or “why can’t I stop” are totally irrelevant at this point. The only meaningful question is: “do you want help”?

It’s like seeing that your house is on fire. ‘Why’ doesn’t matter. Wanting help from firefighters does matter. It’s time to call out for help!

OK, How Do I Stop Drinking?

Eventually, every alcoholic stops drinking. However, we have found that it is preferable to stop before you die! And there is hope. Alcoholics can, and do recover. It is not easy. But it is simple. The first step, as you may have heard, is acceptance of the problem. If you really want to quit, this is indispensible.

Step One – Powerlessness

We admitted we were powerless over alcohol— that our lives had become unmanageable.  (Step One, Alcoholics Anonymous)

want to quit drinking alcohol

Now that is a big deal, right? Powerless?!? Yup, powerless over booze, and an unmanageable life. For the scope of this little blog, we are going to stay high-level. I’ll put it like this. If you start dancing with a gorilla, it is not over until the gorilla says it is. Even if you want to quit, you can’t at this point.

A Three-Fold Disease

  • Physical – once an alcoholic takes alcohol into their body, a process we call the ‘phenomenon of craving’ begins. If you have experienced this, you know what I am talking about.
  • Mental – even when stone-cold-sober, the alcoholic is thinking about drinking; obsessing, planning, and fantasizing. If you have experienced this, you know what I am talking about.
  • Spiritual – this might be a bit harder to connect with, but basically, it means feeling a disconnect from the world, inner and outer. Restless, irritable, discontented about pretty much everything.

OK, Again, How Do I Stop Getting Drunk Then?

Big surprise answer here: If you don’t take the first drink you won’t get drunk. Oh yes, recovery is full of these seemingly ridiculous surprise answers. Recovery is a paradox that makes no logical sense. Surrender to Win. Find Victory in Defeat. Hang on to Let go.  Millions of people have gotten and stayed sober in the 12 Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. A handful of people have gotten and stayed sober in other recovery programs, such as Smart Recovery, or Alcoholics Victorious, or in their church. A full immersion program of 24/7, 45 – 90 days of holistic treatment is another option.

Residential Treatment Seems Pretty Extreme!

Sure, but consider the options of active alcoholism. Jails, hospitals, psych wards or the graveyard.

If you would like to explore the hopefully, more preferable options of alcohol treatment in sunny Panama, give Serenity Vista a call.  Serenity Vista is a completely private, holistic program with a maximum of 6 guests at one time. This opportunity provides very individualized therapy that can’t be found anywhere else.

Check it out at serenityvista.com or just go ahead and fill out the Admission Inquiry. We’ll get back to you right away – no obligations, no hard-sell, no judgments, just information, compassion and understanding. We’re here to help.

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