Nicotine Addiction and Rehab

Nicotine Addiction and Rehab

“Good for you! I’ve watched too many CHILDREN beat alcohol or marijuana use, then get thoroughly hooked on cigarettes in their sobriety peer groups while their parents breathe misguided sighs of relief.”

Nancy L. (Sobriety Advocate, Recovery Coach) quoted from LinkedIn in response to Serenity Vista’s decison to face nicotine addiction head on.

Serenity Vista provides a beautiful, peaceful, quiet and smoke free and nicotine free environment for persons wishing to heal from addictions of all and any kinds. We will help you stop smoking and provide a smoke free environment as part of your abstinent based recovery from all addiction. Stopping smoking while in drug rehab from other forms of addiction such as alcoholism or other drug addiction is the perfect time to stop smoking, and it will dramatically increase your success rate with your addiction recovery. From all addiction. Learn more about smoking cessation as an important part of your recovery here.

Serenity Vista is a leader in the addiction treatment field across North America and Europe. Read about Serenity Vista’s leadership role in abstinent based addiction treatment and smoking cessation here.

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