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Quit Smoking For Good, Enjoy Your Good Life

Nicotine Addiction Treatment

Quitting is the easy part!

If nicotine addiction is an issue in your life, we can help you, for good. Like many, you may have stopped smoking countless times. It is easy to stop smoking, anyone can do that. How do you stop from starting again – that is where we can help you.  If you want to be finally and totally free of nicotine addiction, and all of its negative consequences, and stay stopped, we will help you as part of your individualized program at Serenity Vista.

You will experience our unique blend of understanding and incorporating the 12 Step program of Nicotine Anonymous with the tremendous emotional and spiritual support of Serenity Vista to facilitate tobacco cessation as part of your program of recovery.

Old ways of thinking in the addiction field were to first address the ‘main’ addictions, and worry about tobacco use later. However, nicotine addiction kills more people than all other addictive substances combined. It is common to see large parking lot gatherings of smokers huddled outside twelve step fellowship meetings. Continuing to use the powerful stimulant drug of nicotine will keep you in the cycle of physical craving; the ‘dry drunk’ syndrome. If you are still smoking, you are still in active addiction. To see more about nicotine addiction and recovery, click here.

There is clear evidence that surrendering tobacco as part of your program of recovery from your primary addiction will greatly enhance your opportunity to heal, and to stay clean and sober. Your quality of life in recovery will escalate, and your chances of staying sober long term increase substantially. Addiction is addiction, and abstinence must be absolute for optimal outcomes. You deserve the best, and we offer you nothing less.

Serenity Vista is a healthy recovery environment supportive of abstinence from all addictive substances and behaviors. If you are currently a user of tobacco products, or have stopped and are having difficulty staying stopped, we will gladly discuss this with you before you arrive, and help you arrange to easily and quickly make the transition to Serenity Vista. Once here, we will support you in your process of smoking cessation and in your new life of complete recovery.

You will be amazed at the ease with which this process happens, and you will quickly begin to experience the joys of being fully clean and sober. You will have sweet smelling hair, clothes and breath, no longer huddled alone outside in the cold or in smoking groups in parking lot corners. You will feel whole, vibrantly healthy, loving yourself and life, and breathing easy the fresh tropical breezes of the highlands of Panama on your morning walks with your fellow guests!

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