Overcome Addiction with the Power of Intention

Overcome Addiction with the Power of Intention

Overcome Addiction with the Power of Intention at Serenity Vista

If you’re an addict, do you ever occasionally ask yourself, “what are my intentions?” Although simple on the surface, this single question holds the power to keep you from that next fix, from relapsing. The power of intention as a spiritual practice can support you on a remarkable journey to overcome addiction to freedom.

What are your intentions?

Most addicts rarely think about their intentions. The problem with this is that we live in an increasingly misguided and unhealthy society. Left unchecked and unguided, an addict’s decisions are already made for him or her. The current world is full of distractions. Modern life promotes the need to achieve instant gratification and avoid pain or problems when they surface. The world today asks for everything pleasant right now and it wants it bigger, better, faster, and stronger. It is a world that celebrates celebrity, enjoys excess, and demands drama. Today’s world is overworked, over-stressed, and out of control. And it’s an absolutely tragic fact that in many circles today drug use and excessive alcohol are widely acceptable.

Sadly, the overall incidence of addiction worldwide is on the increase, and no group or demographic is spared. Clearly, if an alcoholic or addict simply operates on auto pilot, taking cues from the world around him or her, the default decisions available are far from beneficial.

Other factors, ranging from personal experiences to genetics, also exacerbate addiction. Some addicts start destructive behaviors very early – sniffing markers, trying cigarettes, drinking, or drugs – all innocently in hopes of having unusual experiences or trying to escape themselves. More often than not, peer pressure drives these poor choices. By the time these young minds mature into an adult world fueled on vice and vanity, their wiring is set on substances or other unhealthy behaviors.

Intentions and Focus

It stands to reason that if an addict wants to overcome addiction and recover, instead of going with the flow he or she must set very clear intentions every day and at every moment. Make no mistake about it – this is not easy for an addict and it takes time, focus, and support to achieve. Sobriety is not a matter of strength or will power. If it was, the word “relapse” wouldn’t exist. Instead, “relapse” is one of the most common phrases in a drug addict’s lexicon.

The only way to get, stay sober, and live the life you’ve dreamed of, is by combining proven treatment with crystal-clear intentions. There is great power in intention. The power to overcome addiction. The power to manifest life itself. One of the great spiritual teachers of our time, Wayne Dyer, wrote and taught extensively about The Power of Intention.  Dyer’s teachings are an important part of the variety of spiritual teachings introduced in drug rehab at Serenity Vista.

As just one simple example of how intention is integral to the holistic recovery process, instead of playing the victim, the recovering addict learns to focus intention on remaining grateful, always mindful of the direction she wants to go, and not where she doesn’t. When temptation arises, she turns inward and asks herself how to be more helpful, more effective, more compassionate, and thereby a more alive human being.

Our Intentions Shape Reality

It’s a proven fact that if we do things enough times the right way, we can change our neural pathways – literally rewiring our brains. This is exciting news for anyone with an intention to overcome addiction. With great support and clear intentions, addicts have the power to leap frog addiction and become remarkable.

Serenity Vista best international private drug rehab will guide and support you in manifesting your intention to effect sustained and meaningful real change. More than just sobriety; real life transformation. Reach out today and begin to manifest your intention for complete life transformation!


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