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Best private rehab - Serenity Vista International holistic Alcohol & Drug Exclusive Rehab Center in tropical Panama

Are you a successful executive, business or health professional? A person of wealth, means, prominence or fame? Do you settle for nothing less than the best? Upper class, used to a luxury life style and top quality, premium goods and services. Are you accustomed to high end accommodation? Five stars? Look no further! Serenity Vista is an exclusive private rehab that offers what you deserve, and where you will relate with others, and feel at home in the luxurious setting you are accustomed to. A world class international exclusive rehab center facility second to none.

You may be second guessing your need for rehab, alcohol treatment, addiction recovery, or drug rehab. It doesn’t matter if you are getting drunk on Chivas Regal or Glenfiddich, or driving your Lamborghini to the Gulfstream Hanger. The old saying goes “The man takes a drink. The drink takes a drink. The drink takes the man.” Alcoholism is no respecter of class, status or bank accounts. This is a progressive fatal disease that gets worse, never better. You may be surprised at the number of Ivy League graduates shivering under the bridge.

When Attempts to Control Drinking or Using Fail

Maybe no one else knows the little games you have played trying to master your drink or drug of choice. Vowing not to drink before noon. Only using alone. Never drinking alone. Reading self-help books or going on yoga retreats. You may even win occasionally, but alcohol or other drugs always wins in the end. Perhaps you have been sober for periods of time, or been in and out of rehab, but keep relapsing. You have made numerous valiant attempts at recovery, but are dismayed at relapsing over and over.

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people suffering from the disease of alcoholism or other addiction, on your own, you don’t stand a chance. Most of the time you may be able to look good, and tell yourself that things are fine, you may be able to fool those around you, even those closest to you. But the truth is, in those frequent dreadful moments, you know things are out of control, and that you are losing the battle.

If this is the case, what to do, where to go, who to trust? Of all of the drug rehabs in the United States (USA) and around the world internationally, which do you choose as the best for you? Everything is at stake, the millions of dollars you worked so hard for, the beautiful family that is already slipping away; your wealth and reputation, your self-respect, your life. Drug rehab can be a scary proposition. Alcohol treatment may conjure up a distasteful image. At Serenity Vista Retreat Inc., we know who you are, and we know how you deserve to be treated. You are used to affluence and luxury, comfort and fine dining. Come to tropical paradise for the most individualized exclusive rehab center.

Not a Typical Institutional Drug Rehab or Alcohol Treatment

If the pictures conjured up for you are dorm style bedrooms, line ups for cafeteria food, or doing chores, think again. Serenity Vista Retreat exclusive rehab center is not for everybody, but it may be for you. The issue for you may be gambling, compulsive exercise, shopping or plastic surgery, alcohol or other drugs, or codependent, perhaps taking care of an alcoholic / addict loved one in your life. We offer the solution that works. You never have to feel alone or misunderstood again, nor do you need to recover in a state or province run treatment centre, putting your recovery in the hands of civil servants.

Getting help is daunting. You may have been taught to “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps”, or told “you made your own bed, now you have to sleep in it”. Up to this point in your life, all of your best efforts, determination, and strong will may have paid off in spades. You may have become a highly regarded and successful executive or business professional of prominence, wealth and/or fame. Hard work, dedication and “burning the midnight oil” has bought you success. Addiction doesn’t play by the same rules. The harder you work at trying to control your drinking or using, the more the addiction controls you.

Help Available at The Best Private, Exclusive, Luxury Rehab

Serenity Vista is a private, exclusive rehab center and world-class international retreat located in the beautiful mountainous highlands of tropical Panama. One of the world’s best top ten addiction treatment centers rated in the ranks of The Betty Ford Center and The Caron Foundation. Only an airplane ride away from most major cities of Europe (France, Germany, Spain), Canada (Vancouver, Toronto), United States (California, Texas, Florida, New York), and Central and South America.

The location is not a restriction on who this special place is for, but rather an invitation for the world. Serenity Vista is truly international in scope. If you choose to attend, with up to a maximum of 8 fellow guests, it will be YOUR special place of healing.

Experience paradise, tropical flowers, birds, wildlife, lush rainforests, unsurpassed hiking, horseback riding and solid rock warm positive energy. At Serenity Vista, we take advantage of our natural setting by spending a full day on recreational activities each week. Recovery is not about being boring or glum. Recovery is about learning how to live again, life on life’s terms.

The view from your private bedroom will take your breath away, and so will our world-class cuisine. You will have a chef to prepare wonderful, nutritious meals. The cuisine is amazing! When guests arrive underweight, they gain, and guests that may need to lose a little weight, will. We believe in moderation and will help you to achieve balance in your life again.

The Recovery Results you Deserve

Your treatment is exclusive; you would be one of a maximum of six guests, just like you. This allows us to devote individual attention to each and every one of our guests. We are in the most beautiful, outstanding part of the world, in the beautiful and fragrant fresh mountain air of tropical Panama. We have the best professionals to guide you to recovery. Anyone can stop using alcohol or other drugs. That is the easy part. You’ve probably done it many times. The hard part is learning how to stop starting. The tools that we teach you will keep you sober. And not just sober, but happy, joyous and free.

Our holistic approach addresses all of your needs, mental, physical and spiritual. You will learn, and get to practice, all the skills you need to stay sober or abstinent, a day at a time. Come and accept the gift that we offer of a new and renewed life. Get the nurturing and guidance that you so richly deserve, in the setting that matches your discerning taste.

Give yourself the best chance, at our exclusive, high-end, private rehab. The world’s most discerning exclusive drug rehab facility with individual attention. One of the best in the world. You don’t have to take the garbage truck all the way to the dump. Jump off the truck, and turn around. Come to Serenity Vista Retreat exclusive rehab center where you will learn the roadmap and find the vehicle you need to return to freedom from addiction, alcoholism, codependency and other forms of unhappiness and suffering. The return on investment is enormous: your life! Reclaim your health and get back to your real life, the one that you deserve to live.

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