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Rated Among the Top Rehabs in the World

Serenity Vista is the best drug rehab center

Serenity Vista was independently rated among the top rehabs in the world. This places Serenity Vista international, private holistic rehab among the company of world leaders in addiction treatment including the Betty Ford Center, Addiction Solutions of Florida, Hope by the Sea in California, The Caron Foundation, and the Cirque Lodge in Sundance, Utah.

Of all places, the Republic of Panama boasts one of the top private treatment facilities in the world.

Serenity Vista with its roots coming from Canada has world class professionals and facilities.

Serenity Vista offers a modern approach to recovery and incorporates health and wellness in its approach to a full recovery.

Rated One of World’s Best Rehabs and the Best Rehab in the Caribbean

Serenity Vista was recently rated one of the World’s Best Rehabs, and the Best Rehab in the Caribbean by World’s Best Rehab Magazine.  According to World’s Best Rehab:

Serenity Vista is not your typical rehab center. Rather, it is a world-class, private, highly individualized addiction treatment program overseen by dedicated professionals. The rehab works with clients suffering from all types of addiction issues.

Serenity Vista is also featured on the reputable SoberRecovery among the top world leading alcohol & drug rehab centers:

Serenity Vista accepts a maximum of 6 guests meaning you will receive individual attention in a non-institutional, comfortable setting.

Having grown from Canadian roots, Serenity Vista is rated among the world’s best rehabs and addiction treatment facilities.

This private program is highly individualized, comprehensive in scope, holistic in nature, and, most importantly, highly effective.

Are you seeking recovery from addiction at one of the best drug rehab centers? Are you plagued by alcoholism or drug addiction? If you’re reading this, you most likely didn’t stumble across it by accident. If you’re like most alcoholics or addicts seeking treatment, you’re probably searching for answers and want the best help available. Maybe you’ve tried recovery before and failed. Perhaps you’ve merely flirted with the idea of sobriety, but haven’t sought help yet. In either case, if you’ve landed on this blog post and have read this far, there’s a reason you are here.

Come to the best drug rehab in paradise

Four Star Rating of Serenity Vista as one of the world's Best Drug Rehabs

Read a comprehensive evaluation of the exceptional quality of Serenity Vista’s recovery program.  The 4 star rating ranks Serenity Vista among the world leaders in addiction treatment.

Whether it’s your first attempt to get sober, or if you’ve been to treatment before only to relapse later, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re seeking full and lasting freedom from addiction, wanting to get to root cause and transform your life, and you’re still reading this, your search is over … but your adventure is just beginning!

The white walls and hospital or institutional atmosphere of the conventional drug and alcohol treatment centers simply cannot compare to the beauty and intimate setting of Serenity Vista’s tropical rehab retreat. Moreover, aside from the amazing Central American tropical setting, our effective holistic treatment programs are unmatched anywhere in the world.

“I’ve tried everything before”

Perhaps, like many recovered addicts before you, you’ve tried treatment in the past but still failed. Perhaps you’ve been to treatment centers before only to relapse shortly after. It’s likely that whatever so-called recovery techniques you learned in the past didn’t work, or only worked for a short time and you soon fell back into addiction. Maybe you didn’t gain the right perspective or learn the right mindset. Perhaps, instead of getting at the root of your addiction and impulsive behavior, you were merely treated with a “patch” approach – effective just enough to get you temporarily clean and out the door.

360 degree holistic addiction treatment

Instead of following the broken script of conventional and often ineffective treatment, we employ a highly-individualized and holistic program. We understand that recovery is a whole-person process, and so we work with guest horizontally across the wide array of their lives. Body, mind and spirit. Thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Connection with self, others, and Higher Power. Along with a complete and lasting freedom from substance abuse, our guests gain inner peace, fellowship, self discovery, and self worth on their individual paths to sobriety.

Our unique and effective programs are not only wide, but also deep. Working vertically as well as horizontally, our guests participate in spirituality, nature healing, and art therapy. Sailing the sparkling blue sea is incorporated into treatment, as well as mountain and beach hikes, horseback riding, yoga, meditation, and massage. We foster personal wellness across a wide spectrum from physical fitness to healthy and delicious cuisine prepared fresh on site with local and natural ingredients. In every way imaginable and beyond, drug and alcohol treatment at Serenity Vista is a 360-degree holistic program. And it’s private and surprisingly affordable.

Operated by Canadians

Operated by caring Canadians who are dedicated to offering you the very best program of addiction recovery. If you’ve tried everything before and didn’t achieve lasting freedom, now is your chance. Please don’t just take our word for it. Read responses from past guests who, like you, struggled and searched for freedom until they finally booked their stay with us. Read professional endorsements of Serenity Vista’s excellence. Now it’s your turn to finally be happy, joyous and free!

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