Program Elements


Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach

Your retreat will provide you with a comprehensive, holistic experience of living a healthy, balanced life. All aspects of your whole person — Mind, Body, and Spirit — have an opportunity to rejuvenate in the balance and harmony we provide in our luxury rehabilitation setting.

As a significant part of your recovery retreat, we provide extensive counseling and comprehensive holistic therapies that support you in your recovery and to achieve your goals in your life.

Outdoor & Adventure Recreation

Drug rehabilitation is an opportunity for new adventures and ways of seeing the world. Leave the snow and cold behind, come and heal in Panama!

Throughout your recovery program a variety of holistic therapies are included. Each week, as part of Serenity Vista’s comprehensive holistic approach to addiction recovery & spiritual exploration, a full day is devoted to eco-friendly, outdoor recreation and adventure that will facilitate your connection with…


Our guests at Serenity Vista will enjoy weekly visits to The Haven Spa in Boquete. Serenity Vista has teamed up with The Haven to provide you with the highest quality, luxurious, and therapeutic holistic spa experience available.

There will be time for spa treatments, yoga, swimming, hot tub, sauna, and steam room. Enjoy reading in the comfy sun room or just plain relaxing in the beautiful and serene space The Haven has created for you.

12 Step Literature

Recovery Basics

Congratulations on your commitment to recovery! Perhaps you are recovering from unhealthy relationships, alcoholism, drugs, gambling, food, internet, sex, or tobacco addiction, codependency, or other self defeating obsessions.

You may be a few days sober or a member of a twelve step fellowship, but have fallen away from sponsorship, regular attendance, or working the steps.

Breath Easy, Smoke Free

Smoking Cessation

If nicotine addiction is an issue in your life, we can help you, for good. Like many, you may have stopped smoking countless times. It is easy to stop smoking, anyone can do that. How do you stop from starting again – that is where we can help you.

If you want to be finally and totally free of nicotine addiction, and all of its negative consequences, and stay stopped, we will help you as part of your individualized program at Serenity Vista.



If addiction is a chronic, progressive, family disease, and everyone in the family system is affected, then why is it that rehab is typically only for the alcoholic/addict? Why not the codependent?

Adult children of alcoholics (ACOA) and other forms of codependency are just as significant and impactful as addiction to alcohol, other drugs, or behaviors such as gambling. The alcoholic / addict goes off to rehab and comes home a new person: freed of destructive patterns of…

Healthy Tree Tomatoes In Rehab

Healthy Foods

Nutrition and regular meals often seem of little importance to someone in active addiction. Many people show up to rehab either underweight or overweight. Having regular meals with healthy food is an integral part of recovery. But regular and healthy are only the beginning.

Boquete and the surrounding areas produce most of Panama’s fruits and vegetables. The clean waters, mountain air and abundant sunshine grow great food.

Culinary Accommodations

What makes for effective and high-quality rehab for your drug addiction or alcoholism? There are all kinds of factors to consider when deciding on what kind of drug or alcohol rehab facility fit the needs of yourself or a loved one.

But there may be factors that you haven’t thought of. For example, have you thought about how important nutrition is to a good program of drug or alcohol rehab? It’s true.

Creative Therapy in Rehab

Art Therapy

At Serenity Vista you have abundant opportunity to find healthy ways to express your emotions. Our art therapy projects are fun, but they are also powerful ways to tap into your subconscious that will aid in your healing.

Painting, drawing, working with clay, creating your own personal Vision Board, learning watercolor techniques, making mandalas and just experimenting with different mediums to let your spirit shine.

Group Hikers Addiction Treatment Panama

Group Processing

A professional team of addiction counselors, therapists and psychologists lead twice daily small group sessions. For many people, the thought of sharing in a group feels intimidating and vulnerable. That’s a normal reaction.

We find that almost without exception, when a person gets over their initial discomfort, group work becomes one of the most valuable tools for recovery and healing.

Bird of Paradise Tropical Rehab

Individualized Counseling

Individualized counseling helps you identify and heal from inner issues or change something in your life that you have felt stuck with.

Issues often relate to one or more of: self esteem, peace of mind, relationships, family, career, achievement, self defeating behaviors, addictions, marriage, codependency, sex, smoking, finances, anger or forgiveness.

Loving Life in Recovery

Loving Life in Recovery

If you have struggled with alcohol, other drugs or addictions, or feeling stuck in a stressful, unhappy pattern of life, perhaps having difficulty maintaining sobriety, and want help, we’re not just another alcohol or drug rehab treatment center, we are a special place where you can learn how to live a new life in recovery and find hope.

Relax Massage in Recovery

Massage Therapy

Massage is a powerful addition to a full body, mind, spirit regime of healing. In addiction to chemicals or to destructive behaviors, people often lose the ability to discern subtle or even not so subtle messages from their body.

Massage is one way of getting back in touch with your body, and enjoying the natural benefits of healthy personal contact.

Meditation in Addiction Recovery

Meditation in Recovery

Meditation is a practice that is shared across centuries, cultures and geography by almost all peoples of the earth.  Although common for many Easterners, most people from Western cultures are somewhat unfamiliar with the practice.

While meditation can be part of a religious or spiritual upbringing, most Westerners come to meditation as adults looking for a new way of life.

Musical Expression in Drug Rehab

Musical Expression

Healthy recovery is about enjoying all aspects of life in balance. Honouring self, and being respectful of others.

Musical appreciation and expression represent one important facet of the sparkle of life. You will have the opportunity to participate in music sessions that will enrich your life and make your soul sing. Hear notes, feel rhythms, and breathe harmonies in new ways.


Recovering from alcohol, nicotine, drug and relationship addictions is not linear. All aspects of a person are affected by addiction. Your program at Serenity Vista addresses body, mind and spirit for a holistic and well-balanced recovery.

A big part of our holistic program is yoga.  The practice of yoga incorporates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Spiritual Exploration

Spiritual Exploration

The success of working a 12 Step recovery program rests on a spiritual belief in a “Power Greater Than Yourself”. Some people come into recovery with a firm conviction that there is no ‘God’.

Some may or may not have had negative religious experiences. Many have just tried to neatly ignore the subject altogether.

Working the Steps

Step Work

The 12 Steps. You’ve heard of them, you may have done them, you may be ready to do them again, you may wonder what all the fuss is about with these steps anyway.

In Chapter 5 of the Basic Text of Alcoholics Anonymous, in How It Works, there is a line that says “Here are the steps we took“. Note that it doesn’t say, “here are the steps we thought about”.

Zoom AA Meetings in Rehab

Twelve Step Meetings

12 Step groups switched to Zoom during the Pandemic. We take advantage of this technology to meet up with group members around the world. Meetings in South Africa, Florida, Peterborough, and of course, Panama City, Panama.

You will gain the wisdom, support, and encouragement from hundreds and hundreds of AA members around the globe. Learn about recovery from the experts! On the big screen from the oversized big brown sofa and chairs in the common room. 6 days a week.

Transform your Marriage

Have the passion and excitement faded from your marriage? Do you sometimes feel you are misunderstood, underappreciated, taken for granted, neglected, or mistreated? Have you lost yourself and wish you were free?

Have you ever wondered if you are truly in love, or in love with the idea of being in love? Return home with a new perspective and way of being in relationship.