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Back to Basics!

Back to Basics treatment

Congratulations on your commitment to recovery! Perhaps you are recovering from unhealthy relationships, alcoholism, drugs, gambling, food, internet, sex, or tobacco addiction, codependency, or other self defeating obsessions. You may be a few days sober or a member of a twelve step fellowship, but have fallen away from sponsorship, regular attendance, or working the steps.

Or, you have been following all suggestions, are doing well, but realize that its simply time for a new perspective, renewed enthusiasm, a change of scenery, new input. You’ve heard it said that ‘nothing changes if nothing changes’, and, ‘if you’re not moving forward, you’re slipping back’. You want to keep moving forward, and what better way than to invest in your own recovery?

Perhaps you’ve taken your one year, five year, or multiple decade cake. Everything must be great in your life. But is it? You’ve made it this far…but you hear countless stories of people with longer time in than you coming back.

You don’t have to relapse or hit a new bottom to go back to rehab! Go now, while things are good…and can only get better! Remember, the best is yet to come, and its here, now… at Serenity Vista.

Do it for You! Come alone, focus on yourself, and give your family and other loved ones a gift in the process. It is so true that ‘the best gift you can give your loved ones is a healthy YOU’! Shift focus. Renew. Recharge. Have fun at our luxury rehab center!

The old cliches of recovery are so true: ‘if your recovery doesn’t come first, nothing comes second’. The promises of recovery do come true, ‘if you are willing to go to any length’.

How is your recovery? Your life? What do you and your family deserve? To what length are you prepared to go?

We will explore these and other basics of recovery renewal with you.

Discover the joy of sobriety, one day at a time. Recharge your recovery batteries, and energize your life!