Program Elements

Group Processing

A professional team of addiction counselors, therapists and psychologists lead twice daily small group sessions. For many people, the thought of sharing in a group feels intimidating and vulnerable. That’s a normal reaction. We find that almost without exception, when a person gets over their initial discomfort, group work becomes one of the most valuable tools for recovery and healing.

What is it about the dynamic of a group that is so powerful? You will learn that you are not alone, that others share your feelings and experiences. You will find a safe place where you can help others while being helped, and you can learn from other people’s experience; from those who may have walked a different journey than your own.

One of the most amazing and healing qualities of a group is that the group, for each individual, becomes a microcosm of that person’s family and behaviour patterns.  People deal with the group in the exact same ways that they deal with life, and therefore have an opportunity to see coping skills magnified and focused in such a way that they can be examined and modified.

The process can be simply life changing. You will have the opportunity to work through small or large issues that surface, sometimes painfully. Issues vary but often involve relationships with parents, siblings, spouses or children. Other members of the group serve to reflect those roles and provide a forum within which you can process these issues and move on. Many guests find significant improvements in their marriages or other significant relationships upon returning home with new perspectives and communication tools.

Our groups are always facilitated with an intuitive and skilled professional who will make sure that each group session is a safe place for everyone, and that the session stays focused on recovery and healing skills.