Program Elements

Musical Expression

Sound Expression in Rehab

Music is alive at Serenity Vista!

“Whether participating or simply listening, music is one of the most powerful ways to leave behind the worries and anxieties in our heads, and instead embrace the beauty found in the present moment.” Art Blevins, Music Healer

Healthy recovery is about enjoying all aspects of life in balance, honoring self, and being respectful of others.

Art is Serenity Vista’s gifted, enthusiastic and joy-filled music therapist. With an assortment of drums and other instruments, you will make some rhythms together. With Art’s Crystal and Tibetan bowls, you will experience a Sound Bath, like you have never before experienced. Your body will feel fine-tuned and back in alignment!

Musical appreciation and expression represent one important facet of the sparkle of life. You will have the opportunity to participate in music sessions that will enrich your life and make your soul sing. Hear notes, feel rhythms, and breathe harmonies in new ways. Feel an openness to appreciation never before felt, or long forgotten from earlier years or past generations.

The basics of drumming, songwriting, singing, movement, and choreography will allow you to discover and express a range of emotions through the medium of music. Music becomes a form of meditation, clearing the mind, and opening your heart.

No previous musical training, knowledge, or skill is required. Regardless of background, guests invariably enjoy the diverse experience this session affords. You will have an opportunity to express the many feelings that emerge in your new life of recovery in a healthy and fun way. You may even develop a new passion to take with you on your ongoing journey of recovery!