Program Elements

Spiritual Exploration

Conscious Contact

The success of working a 12 Step recovery program rests on a spiritual belief in a “Power Greater Than Yourself”. Some people come into recovery with a firm conviction that there is no ‘God’. Some may or may not have had negative religious experiences. Many have just tried to neatly ignore the subject altogether. There are a lot of misunderstandings about 12 step fellowships, but overall, the consensus is that the Twelve Steps work for many where other approaches have failed.

At Serenity Vista Retreat Center, you will find a safe, inclusive and loving place to explore what spirituality means to you. Rest assured, there is no religious agenda here. We discuss many different spiritual traditions and how, through the ages, women and men have related to their concept of God. You may learn something you get excited about and want to know more about, or you may recognize that another tradition is just not for you. All exploration is good, and there is no right or wrong.

Step 11 says that we continue to improve our conscious contact with our own Higher Power through prayer and meditation. Being on a retreat in these amazing mountains is an opportunity to listen for that still, quiet voice. From the magnificent views of Volcan Baru, to the healing abundant running waters through the property, you will find the splendor and joy of creation and life is impossible to miss.

Spiritual Exploration

At Serenity Vista, spiritual exploration and self-discovery are important and integral aspects of holistic healing from alcoholism and other forms of dependency and addiction. Explore your own concepts, thoughts, feelings and beliefs around “God as you understand Him/Her/It/Them“. Delve into the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Explore the concepts behind Steps one, two and three , what powerlessness means, and the notion of the spirit versus ego and why these are important to recovery. Spiritual; not religious. Click here for more on the notion of spirit versus ego in recovery.

Awaken to recovery. Discover your true self. Realize who you truly are. Manifest your magnificence! Recovery can be a wonderful spiritual experience, individual for each person and their own conceptions. There is no right or wrong way, teaching, method, or practice. You will be introduced to a wide variety and have an opportunity for your own exploration, discovery, and journey of recovery.