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twelve step aa meetings in Boquete, Panama, home to Serenity Vista alcohol treatment and drug rehab

Wherever you go in the world, you can usually find an AA or Alanon twelve step meeting! The fellowship has grown by the millions. It reaches every corner of the globe. For many in recovery, attending meetings in other countries is the highlight of any trip. You immediately feel connected and ‘at home’, with people who understand. At meetings, you will be able to share your personal experience, strength, and hope with others. As we say in the program, ‘We can only keep what we have by giving it away.’

Travelling to Serenity Vista is no exception. There are several very friendly AlAnon and AA meetings in Boquete.

Twelve-step-based weekly meetings at Serenity Vista are open to the surrounding area. They are also a great opportunity to meet new people and share in the fellowship.

Having a vibrant recovery community is one of the reasons we chose Boquete for Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Retreat Center. Serenity Vista has known for a long time that A.A. helps the most people the most, and in conjunction with a comprehensive rehab treatment program, enhances long term sobriety post treatment.

The most recent and comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of AA conducted by the world leading Cochrane Collabrative Research Group concludes:

“These results demonstrate A.A.’s effectiveness in helping people not only initiate but sustain abstinence and remission over the long term”

“For people already in treatment, if they add A.A. to it, their outcomes are superior than those who just get treatment without A.A.”

Cochrane Reviews are the reputable gold standard in medicine for integration of all available research about a particular intervention.

These findings are consistent with Serenity Vista’s approach of encorporating 12 step principles and fellowship into rehab treatment and recommending regular long term meeting participation as part of a comprehensive aftercare plan.

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