Survive New Years Eve

How to Survive New Year’s Eve

Surviving New Years Eve - Serenity Vista Alcohol & Drug Rehab

What’s the biggest party of the year? New Year’s Eve! Gatherings may be restricted this year with COVID19 public health measures, but New Years still carries a powerful tradition often associated with drinking which can be triggering, a ‘slippery slope’ for someone in recovery from alcoholism or other addiction.

If you are in recovery from alcoholism or other forms of addiction, wanting to stay clean and sober, how do you survive New Years Eve?

No Fun for The Addict or Alcoholic

While New Year’s Eve is traditionally a celebration of the past year and the coming of the new one, for the active addict or alcoholic or those in recovery it can be a time of great apprehension. It is the worst time to push ourselves to the limit. If you’re in recovery it can be dangerous. If you’re in active addiction it can be deadly. However, there are some things you can do to get through that crazy night.

The best thing to do is avoid parties you know will serve alcohol. If you feel you must go, then at least stay away from the riskiest ones. You know the ones. The all out drunken shindigs. Avoid those parties at all cost. If you’re already in recovery or know you have a problem, you know how it can go and it’s not pretty. Do you really want to wake up the next day and be told about the humiliating things you did?

But I Want To Survive New Years & Still Have Fun

Of course, you do. One thing you can do is take someone you can trust to the party (if you insist on going). But, believe it or not, there are plenty of clean and sober alternatives to those New Year’s Eve Bashes. Many of your local AA and NA groups will have special events that night.

Even The White House knows how tough it can be to survive New Years Eve. We know it too.  And we want you to make it into the next year clean, sober and serene.

Remember That It’s Just Another Night

Don’t forget, New Year’s is just another day. Another evening. It’s a ‘slippery slope’ to fantasize about or romanticise past New Year’s drinking parties.

Euphoric recall tends to forget the ugly parts of drunkeness, arguments, embarrassments, conflict, or hangovers with shame, guilt or remorse. ‘Play the tape through‘. You don’t have to go through that again.

Remember that it’s ‘just another day’. Another day to be grateful. To be kind toward others, be of service. And if you do go to some type of gathering, think about what you can bring of yourself to the party. How can you bring joy and happiness to others?

Stay as long as you are comfortable, then leave. Have an exit plan. Leave if you feel tempted, or uncomfortable with the flow of alcohol or intoxicated behavior of others. Your sobriety must be your highest priority. Guard it with your life.

Rehab Instead of New Year’s Eve Parties

Drug and alcohol treatment centers are well aware of the struggles for the addict this time of year. This includes facing how to survive New Years and retaining sobriety. If you aren’t sober, know you have an addiction or have relapsed, this is the best time of year to get help. Even if you’re in recovery and feel you need to regroup, rehab could be the answer. Serenity Vista may be just what you need. We are rated one of the world’s top ten drug and alcohol rehabs.

Our holistic approach and individualized approach, with small numbers of guests and high staff to client ratio, keeps the focus on you. This gives you and your recovery the individual attention you need and deserve at one of the very best rehabs. Let us help you make next year the best and the first year of the rest of your life.




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