Teen Heroin Use and Abuse on the Rise

Teen Heroin Use and Abuse on the Rise

Many would think that teen heroin use is minimal. The reality is that contrary to conventional beliefs, youth are increasingly being exposed to and abusing heroin. Heroin is indeed a very dangerous drug, and it’s one that can have enormous consequences for mental and physical health. In fact, some experts call it the “worst drug in the world.” So if you’re struggling with an addiction to heroin, now is the time to get the help you need at a drug rehab center. Rehab can help you get clean and stay clean. Heroin can even have deadly consequences—there are many fatal drug overdoses that are linked back to heroin. Unfortunately, heroin is also a drug that’s increasing in popularity, especially among teens and young adults (including college students). But they can get the help they need. Click here to learn more about how addiction impacts the family.

Teens Getting Heroin at School

Teens and Young Adults Abuse of Heroin on the Rise

Many teens and young adults are finding their way to heroin addiction through their school environment. Teen Vogue reports that buying heroin is “as easy as purchasing a pill, because that’s what heroin has become: a powder-filled capsule known as a button, designed to be broken open and snorted, that can be purchased for just $10. And it regularly is—on varsity sports teams, on Ivy League campuses, and in safe suburban neighborhoods.” The move from needles to capsules has led to an explosion in popularity for heroin. And the rise in prescription drug abuse has increased heroin addiction too, as addicts seek out something that’s cheaper than prescription painkillers: heroin. Click here to learn more about teen heroin use.

How Can Drug Rehab Help Against Heroin Addiction?

But there is good news. Drug rehab has been proven to be effective in the fight against heroin addiction. With the right program of drug addiction rehab, you can turn your life around, get yourself to a positive place, and make progress toward recovery. But you should know that today is the best time to start. You don’t want it to be too late when you finally look for help, because you could end up as another heroin-related overdose.

Where to Go for the Best in Rehab

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