Treatment for Alcohol, Nicotine, Drugs, Ludopathy and other Addictions in Panama

Quality Addiction Treatment for Alcohol, Nicotine, Drugs, Ludopathy and other forms of Addiction in Panama

treatment for alcohol, nicotine and other drugs in Panama

Discovering that you or a loved one have a problem with alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, other drugs, or behaviors involving sex, ludopathy (gambling) or codependency can be very upsetting. Most likely you never imagined in your wildest dreams that you or your loved one would become an addict. You have seen success in so many other areas of life, right? A ‘take charge’ kind of person: work hard and play hard.

But, little by slowly this picture of success has become a little shabbier at the edges. Secrets. Shame. Guilt. Remorse.  Living a double life, fear of being caught, perhaps feeding the fire of organized crime? What? That’s not what you signed up for! You just want to have a good life! You love your family.

I don’t want to be an addict!! I don’t want my loved one to be an addict!!

A person with an addiction is not a bad person, they are a sick person. No one decides that they want to be an addict.  You are not responsible for being an addict, or for anyone else being an addict. But you are responsible for your recovery. You can help a loved one by sharing information with them and learning about addiction.

How do I know if I really need treatment?

Try taking this quiz about alcohol. You may be surprised.

Finding good help for addiction in Panama has not always been easy. People flew to Florida, Colombia, or Costa Rica for help. Serenity Vista has been a hidden resource for healing addicts since 2012 – right here in Panama!

Help, Right in Beautiful Boquete, Chiriqui

Serenity Vista has been operating in Boquete now for over 8 years. We’ve been pretty low-key, so you might not have heard of us. But we invite you to explore our website to get a sense of who we are, and what we offer at Serenity Vista. We know addiction and how to help people get back on their feet. Ludopathy,  Sex or Love Addiction and Codependency are some of our specialties. Serenity Vista offers intensive yet compassionate and empathetic treatment. We also take advantage of all the tranquility, recreation and cool mountain air that Boquete is famous for. There is treatment for alcohol, nicotine and other drugs in Panama, right in Chiriqui.

Recognized as one of the world’s best rehab’s, right here in Panama

Serenity Vista recognized as One of the World's Top Rehab Centers

So, please, explore the website, send us an email or call Jane at 6839-0569. Jane will answer any questions and can help you discern if treatment is right for you or a loved one. And at a fraction of the costs for similar treatment in  North American or European rehab, right here in Panama.

You are not alone, you don’t have to suffer any longer. You can heal and become the sober, responsible person that you really want to be.

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