#1 Executive Private Drug Rehab

#1 Executive Private Drug Rehabbutterfly

Executive Private Drug Rehab Doesn’t Have To Cost So Much!

Society has become accustomed to hearing about luxury, high-cost drug rehab centers on the news and reading about them in the tabloids. It is almost daily that yet another Hollywood actor or actress, professional athlete or political figure is being court ordered to check into yet another of the nation’s posh beachfront treatment centers costing over a hundred thousand dollars for a 60 to 90 day stay. No wonder executive private drug rehab is seen by most as extravagant and expensive.

The question we must all ask is, do these facilities offer a better level of care or a higher likelihood for attaining long-term sobriety? Most luxurious rehab centers are located in high-class, real estate rich regions like Malibu Beach, Orange County, CA, Boca Raton, FL, Scottsdale, AZ and so on. It goes without saying that they are specifically designed to attract people of means and wealth and offer services common to such individuals like, private chefs, concierge, holistic services and much more.

Serenity Vista Treatment Center of Boquete, Panama prides itself on providing high-end, executive private drug rehab treatment at an affordable price, a fraction of comparable programs in the US and Canada. We have recreated what many of the high-end centers for drug and alcohol rehab in Florida, California and Arizona offer, yet at a cost which equates to a mere fraction of the cost of high-end exclusive luxury rehab facilities. We believe that just because you have the money to spend on traditional luxury or executive addiction treatment services, doesn’t mean you should get charged that amount. Most unfortunate, however, is that many of these individuals are under the impression that these incredibly high dollar amounts actually increase in proportion to cost their likelihood for attaining long-term sobriety, which is simply untrue.

Executive Private Drug Rehab Can Offer the Best yet be Affordable

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We here at Serenity Vista absolutely agree that people of higher socioeconomic standing should have access to treatment programs that meet their needs and lifestyle, but we also feel that all deserve the best, and it is simply wrong to take advantage of those of wealth at such a vulnerable time of their lives based on their misfortune coupled with their deep pockets. We also understand your need for ultimate privacy and guaranteed confidentiality. At Serenity Vista, your privacy is highly respected.

We teach our guests about living authentic lives, guided by spiritual principles of honesty and integrity, and doing your very best in whatever life presents. We do our best to not only teach this, but to role model it, and it all starts with offering the best we can to help those that need it at the most reasonable rate possible. Everyone can benefit from affordable rehab options. At Serenity Vista, guests can experience luxury rehabilitation at reasonable rates.

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