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Serenity Vista Rated One of Top Ten Rehabs in the World

Serenity Vista is was independently rated among the top ten rehabs in the world. Following are a few excerpts:

“Of all places, the Republic of Panama boasts one of the Top Ten private treatment facilities in the world.”

“Serenity Vista with its roots coming from Canada has world class professionals and facilities.”

“Serenity Vista offers a modern approach to recovery and incorporates health and wellness in its approach to a full recovery.”

This distinction places Serenity Vista among the ranks of well established world leaders in addiction treatment including the Betty Ford Center and The Caron Foundation. See Top Ten Here.

Spring Highlights, Serenity Vista Newsletter

Serenity Vista, I Wish I Would Have Known Before

Lee Zeltzer, Editor, Boquete Panama Guide, interviewed and reviews Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Rehab of Boquete. Zeltzer describes Serenity Vista as “a serene bed and breakfast at the base of Jaramillo in Boquete, Panama…. willing to accept no more than six guests (their word) at a time. They strive to help them identify their emotional issues and get their lives onto a more positive track.”  He goes on to recommend Serenity Vista: ” If you find yourself either needing a retreat as a guest or having a loved one who needs some time to reassemble a life, this is probably worth a try.” Zeltzer makes a strong endorsement: “I can state without equivocation that I wish I had known this type of resource was available to me…. I wish my loved one had this available as an option in the past.”  Read the full Review here.

Boquete Panama Guide Review of Serenity Vista

Panamanian Luxury Drug Rehab Offers Expat Program

Panama’s Serenity Vista Residential Addiction Treatment Center has announced a new drug and alcohol rehab program aimed at accommodating the unique needs of American and Canadian Expats including professionals, retirees, immigrants and international travelers. Read the full press release here. 

Expat press release as pdf here

Holistic Luxury Drug Rehab Center Launches Sailing Therapy Program

Serenity Vista residential addiction treatment center, known for its affordable luxury and holistic approach, announces a tropical sailing therapy program….The sailing program is highly unique and innovative in the addiction treatment field, dating back to Serenity Vista’s transition from Canada to the current Panama location and takes place on a 36 foot racing/cruiser Beneteau named “Decision.”     More about sailing at Serenity Vista…

PRLog – BOQUETE, Panama

Serenity Vista Offers Cutting Edge Nicotine Cessation

Along with a continuing change in public policy and business practices diminishing the places people can smoke in public, there is also another change around smoking that is coming down the line: the awareness that nicotine addiction is a chronic disease, an addiction, and that successfully quitting smoking, for many, cannot necessarily be accomplished by sheer force of will alone. More…

PRLog – BOQUETE, Panama

The Benefits of Traveling Far Away for Drug Rehab Treatment

Everyday thousands of men and women hop on a plane and fly many miles away from home in order to check into a residential or inpatient drug & alcohol rehab center. They literally set aside everything of value in their lives in order to address this life-shattering malady currently going on in their world. So why is this? Why would they send the kids to grandma’s house for 60 or 90 days while they fly 3,000 miles away for treatment? Why would they take a whole semester off from college and do such a thing? Why would they take a medical leave of absence from work to embark on such a journey? Read more…

Sooper Articles – BOQUETE, Panama

Addiction Rehab in Panama Announces Benzo Treatment Program

The luxuriously appointed, surprisingly affordable addiction & alcoholism treatment located along the majestic hills of Boquete, Panama within the Chiriqui Province, announced recently an entirely new rehab track designed for those seeking help with chemical dependency to benzodiazepines. Created specifically for men & women addicted to such antianxiety or anxiolytic sedative drugs as Xanax (Zanax), alprazolam…read more…

PRLog (Press Release) – BOQUETE, Panama

Drug Rehab Center Announces Enhanced Men’s Treatment Program

Serenity Vista Treatment Center of Boquete, Panama, a co-ed program, is now offering enhanced men’s treatment services which aim to further improve the overall rate of success within an industry plagued by relapse. And while Serenity Vista is known worldwide as performing far above most other treatment facilities in terms of low rate of relapse, there’s always room for improvement in this field…more

PRLog – BOQUETE, Panama

Enhanced Smoking Cessation Program Announced

Having become known as one of the world’s least expensive luxury drug rehab treatment center, the Boquete, Panama rehab is now providing one of the most intensive and highly successful tobacco-smoking cessation programs industry wide. Serenity Vista Treatment Center, a private rehab facility in Boquete, Panama, introduces this new luxury and surprisingly low-cost program on the heels of what has become a major setback for the vast majority of recovering drug addicts and alcoholics worldwide…more

PRLog (Press Release) – BOQUETE, Panama

Renowned Drug Rehab Announces Inexpensive Treatment Services

A well known addiction & alcoholism rehab treatment center in Boquete, Panama announced this week a very inexpensive alternative to traditional high-priced luxury treatment services. Serenity Vista Treatment Center, privately owned and operated under the leadership of addiction expert, John Derry, is now offering enhanced luxury style rehabilitation services for men and women…more

Online PR News

Smoking Cessation to be Treated Like Other Addictions

Smoking tobacco is the deadliest of all addictions, yet designated smoking areas are still the norm at most addiction treatment centers around the world. Serenity Vista in Boquete, Panama, is taking the bold step of breaking this tradition, announcing today that it is taking the often unpopular position of deciding to treat the use of nicotine the same as other drug addictions…more

Boquete, Republic of Panama (PRWEB)

Serenity Vista Panama Endorses Consumer Review Site

Serenity Vista Addiction Rehab-Treatment Center in Boquete, Panama – Priding themselves as one of the most affordable luxury drug and alcohol treatment centers worldwide, Serenity Vista of Boquete, Panama has announced taking proactive measures in response to the ever-growing nature of rampant and unmonitored online consumer reviews and complaints so uniquely prevalent within the addiction & alcoholism treatment industries…more

PRLog (Press Release)

New Drug Rehab Destination: Panama Welcomes Serenity Vista

When one of Canada’s leading drug rehabs looked for a new home better aligned to their expanded holistic vision of healing, Panama offered the perfect venue. Serenity Vista, now nestled in the mountain highlands of Boquete, land of eternal spring, offers rehab guests unparalled infusion of natural serenity that is transformational….more

Boquete, Republic of Panama (PRWEB)

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