Question Your Addiction Beliefs

Self-Inquiry – A Path from Mistaken Addiction Beliefs To Recovery

Once you begin to question your addiction beliefs, the path to recovery has begun.

Don't believe your thoughts & addiction beliefs

People often experience amazement when they get to treatment or into the rooms of recovery for the first time. Most people think the problem is with their consumption of alcohol, other drugs, or destructive behavior like codependency.  Then they hear in the rooms that the alcohol is only a symptom of the real problem. When you question beliefs, you may be surprised. What starts to reveal offers hope for further growth.

WHAT? The Problem Isn’t the Alcohol or other Drugs?

Nope. Sure it may seem surprising, but you know what? The substance use is not the problem. There is a well known saying in the rooms of recovery:

If you are a problem drinker, and you quit drinking, all your problems will go away. If you are an alcoholic and you quit drinking, all your problems will get bigger.

This is absolutely true. It doesn’t sound all that encouraging. But if you have been using alcohol or other drugs as a solution to your problems, you will quickly find out what happens when you remove the anesthetic. First of all, reality hits! This means having to face the sometimes very chaotic lives that addicts create.  Learning that everything you thought was true, probably isn’t. Wow. This is big stuff. As a result, it becomes evident that everything can change.

Challenge Your Thinking & Addiction Beliefs

In a good treatment program, like Serenity Vista, you will have the opportunity to  challenge your thinking. If you identify with your own thinking as being who you really are, this is tough. But there is good news. People can quickly see that their thoughts are not trustworthy and therefore begin the challenge. With even a little bit of self-inquiry the fault with one’s thinking becomes apparent. Wasn’t it your thoughts that told you another drink would be a good idea?

Good Orderly Direction

Learning any new skill well  has requirements.  It requires a good teacher and a safe learning environment. Treatment for alcohol, nicotine or other drugs such as oxycontin or benzodiazepines will be the greatest education and investment you will ever make. You can heal with loving and empathetic facilitators, excellent literature, canine therapy, 12 Step Meetings, delicious food and the grand experience of nature. You can find freedom. Freedom from the chains of addiction and suffering.  You will be released from your bonds of addiction.

Serenity Vista Pacific Tropical Island Recreation Outing

Recovery in Paradise

Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Alcohol Drug Treatment Center is a world-class, private, self-pay facility. Serenity Vista is located in the dynamic country of Panama. The value of treatment in Panama is tremendous. Like other forms of ‘medical tourism’, we offer the highest quality North American standards. And treatment is offered at a fraction of North American prices.

You will share your recovery here with no more than 5 other guests. This small number of guests insures your individual care and attention. Don’t wait any longer, and as you may already well know, addiction always gets worse when untreated. Recovery is possible, as a result of beginning to challenge your thinking. Let us show you how.

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