Reflections From Our Intern – Long Term Treatment is Best

Reflections on Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Retreat

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Introducing  Jim W., Serenity Vista’s newest intern. Jim joins us from Virginia, USA, accompanied by his beautiful blue merle Australian Shepherd Dog, Dundee.  Ceiba, our resident Chocolate Labrador Retriever Dog, is thrilled to have a colleague and friend to help with the duties of canine therapy.  Both dogs are an important part of the recovery program. They teach us mindfulness, playfulness, and demonstrate Rule # 62 (Don’t take yourself too damn seriously) consistently through the day. We are happy to have Jim & Dundee at Serenity Vista here in Boquete, Panama. We have much to learn from each other.

Long Term Treatment for Addiction is Best

Jim writes:

My original intent in coming to Serenity Vista was to complete the 500 hours of on the job training needed to complete my certification as a Certified Recovery Coach. I completed my classroom requirement with the staff at Roads to Recovery in Virginia in the United States, where I volunteer. I have been at Serenity Vista Retreat for five days now, with  a new appreciation for their ‘45 days good, 70 days better, 90 days best’ approach to treatment for addictions. The customary “28 day Program”  popular in the United States of America, has more to do with  reimbursement by the Insurance Industry than achieving a solid jump start to long term recovery. Yes, the 90 day treatment is best.

The teaching/learning materials assembled at Serenity Vista are incredibly comprehensive. The DVD film library includes material including, but not limited to AA/12 Step material as well as an eclectic and yet carefully chosen material for the healing of “mind, body, spirit”.  It seems that every aspect of the program is thorough and comprehensive. My initial personal assessment alone took me two days to complete!  The Step One assignment is thirteen pages long. It is all very comprehensive, looking under every stone and leaf.  The guests can take pen and pad, find an absolutely breathtaking area on the grounds to sit, and get to work. Oh, did I talk about the stunning venue Serenity Vista has chosen to share this life transformation in? I’ll leave that for another day. In order to really get the full benefit of the program, the 90 day treatment is best.

I have heard the comment that “treatment is discovery and AA is recovery”.  I can’t argue with that. However, the longer a  person has to discover the mistaken beliefs, resentments and chains from the past, the better chance for a long term, one day at a time recovery, when they get back home. Serenity Vista offers an incredible, safe and nurturing environment to venture into the dark places that can keep us stuck in our addiction.

Stay tuned for more of Jim’s impressions and adventures at our holistic, private pay, tropical and loving rehabilitation retreat. 45 day treatment is good, 70 day treatment is better, 90 day treatment is best!



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