On The Wagon vs. Sobriety

The Water Wagon is Just Transportation Between Drunks

wagon vs. sobriety

You have a love-hate relationship with alcohol and other drugs. You love planning your next big party and the taste of your favorite cocktail. You love how you feel on top of the world when you’re high.

However, you hate running out of booze or drugs. You can’t stand how you feel the next day, and not just physically. Emotionally you’ve hit a new low and spiritually, you’re empty. You’ll feel better as soon as you can drink or drug again, but you hate the vicious cycle.

 You decide it’s time to break up with drugs and alcohol. For good. This time you really mean it! At this point, you have no real comprehension of the difference between going on the wagon vs. sobriety.

Your on-again, off-again relationship

Maybe you’ll just take a break from drugs and alcohol on weekdays, for lent, or until your sister’s wedding. You’ll wait until New Year’s Day to go on the wagon.

There will be no more binge drinking. You’ll wait until 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and noon on weekends. Alcohol’s okay, but you’re only going to use drugs on special occasions or at home where you’re safe.

 You play these little games with drugs and alcohol because you just don’t see how you can cut them out of your life completely.

You’re not really sober if you’re counting the days between your last drink and your next.

Going on the Wagon vs. Sobriety

Did you know that your emotional development stopped when you start abusing drugs and alcohol? It is no wonder it’s hard for you to handle situations. You turn to drugs and alcohol because you have the coping skills of a teenager.

You’re not really sober if you’re counting the days between your last drink and your next. True, you’re on the wagon and you’re physically clean, However, you’re no more than a dry drunk if you’re not modifying your behavior.

Prevent a relapse with drugs and alcohol

As opposed to your arrested emotional development, your addiction to drugs and alcohol keeps growing, even when you’re on the wagon.

Your next relapse is inevitable if you do not change the person you were when you last picked up. To safeguard your sobriety, you need to take the time to learn how to deal with life on life’s terms.

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