New Years Resolutions

Making Resolutions this New Year’s?


If you are like most people, you are likely planning on making a few New Year’s resolutions this New Year. If so, congratulations! And, like most people, you may feel very committed to your resolutions, and, a few days or weeks in, you may do very well at adhering to them. If that’s the case, wonderful. Keep it up!

But, what happens for most people is the incentive and best intentions begin to wane, and the regular adherence to those wonderful intentions begin to slip away. Perhaps its the regular gym attendance, or the diet, jogging, reading, or one of many other self improvement initiatives. In most such cases, keeping your resolution feels good; and slipping from regular adherence feels mildly frustrating and disappointing, but doesn’t really matter a whole lot. There’s always next year, right?

Resolve to Get Clean & Sober?

But, if getting Clean and Sober is one of your resolutions, to stop drinking or using drugs, to ‘go on the wagon’, the potential consequences of keeping or failing to keep your resolution has much greater impact on your life, and those of your loved ones.

Alcoholism and other forms of chemical dependency, drug addiction and other addictions such as smoking tobacco and gambling are chronic, progressive and, ultimately, fatal. Sounds serious! Yes, indeed. Yet many people joke about ‘going on the wagon’ after New Year’s, with the same level of conviction as going to the gym. There is no wagon. Only your life. Making a resolution to stop drinking was no joke. When you made that resolution, deep down, you knew how important it was.

If you can make a resolution, and stop drinking, or stop smoking, and STAY stopped, then you probably aren’t an alcoholic or addict. Great news! You just drank a bit too much, made a resolution to stop, and you did. That’s it. Done. You are from among the majority of the population that can choose if, when, and how much you drink.

Ask for Help

If, however, you have made a resolution to stop drinking or drugging, and  you find yourself, for whatever ‘reason’, falling off the proverbial ‘wagon’ yet again, you may need help. If you need to prove it to yourself, again, try some ‘controlled drinking’. See how it goes. The risks are great however.

You never know when that moment of regret may come where something happened that changes your life or that of a loved one in a very negative way. That  horrible feeling of drinking too much: waking up with shame, guilt or remorse over something that happened while drinking or under the influence.

This is when the most logical thing to do is to admit you can’t do it alone. That you need help. And when you want help, and ask for it, that’s when the possibility of recovery starts. It’s amazing what happens when you stop trying to control that which you can’t control, and ask for help. “I need help”, are very powerful words!

If you are unsure if you have a drinking problem, ask yourself twenty questions. Or do a self assessment of signs of alcoholism. 

Find Serenity & Be Happy

Ok, so you’ve asked for help. There are many possibilities of where to turn. A sober friend. Twelve step fellowships of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA), a trusted health professional such as your physician, counselor or therapist, or drug rehab facility or alcohol treatment center.

The most focused, intensive, and comprehensive is a professional, 12 step based, holistic alcohol & drug rehab. They are professionals with the knowledge, skill, and programs to help you in the most comprehensive way. Serenity Vista is such a world class facility with dedicated staff that understand and will help.

Getting sober is just the beginning. At Serenity Vista, you will get a vista or experiential view of a new happy life of peace and serenity. The goal is not to just remove alcohol and drugs from your life, but to give you the freedom, choice, skills, and ability to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. It is possible. And it all starts with you asking for help.

Stay Clean & Sober. Enjoy Life

When you go to a quality rehab, you will be clean and sober for the duration of your 45 to 90 day program. That is a given. But what about going home to family, other relationships, work, community, issues, pressures, and stresses?

How do you stay sober when life presents its many forms of challenges that inevitably come? That’s where the expertise of the staff and comprehensiveness of the program at Serenity Vista will help you develop new patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that will give you new life skills to live life on life’s terms.

It is possible! Staying clean and sober, one day at a time, for life, and to enjoy life! With gratitude and acceptance of what life presents. You will learn to accept life, and chose your reaction to what happens. Talk about freedom! Truly a miracle. The miracle of life itself. And remember, it all started with asking for help.

Is this your time?

Did you make a resolution this New Year, or intend to do so? Is drinking or drug use a problem? If so, and resolutions get you no where except a reprieve between drunks, maybe it’s time to surrender, and ask for help. That takes humility, and courage. Keep doing what you are doing and you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. Ask for help, and open yourself to a whole realm of new possibilities, beyond your wildest dreams. Sound miraculous? Yup! And this New Year, YOU can be that miracle!



If you need help, contact Serenity Vista today. Don’t wait another day, year, or failed resolution. Your New Year’s miracle awaits you and your family! Don’t just resolve to change one aspect of your life this New Year’s. Transform your life to one you love!


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