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Serenity Vista Rehab Programs that will Transform your Life!

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World Class

Serenity Vista is an exceptional, yet affordable, high quality holistic addiction recovery, alcohol, drug & other addiction rehab. Among the world’s best rehabs, we provide the best addiction and codependency recovery rehab programs available to the highest of North American standards having grown from Canadian roots.

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Serenity Vista offers you a very unique, highly individualized, comprehensive holistic program.

Professional Leadership

The leadership are North American; our staff and program are second to none. We are passionate about what we do, and will go to any length to help you or your loved one. This means you will receive the best possible program to identify and resolve your issues, and to learn experientially how to achieve your goals and live a full, healthy life with balance, meaning and purpose.

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Individual Attention

The program is individualized, private, comprehensive, holistic, and, most importantly, highly effective. Click here to assess whether Serenity Vista is for you. Serenity Vista is not like treatment centers, hospital wards, or other healthcare institutions that rely upon the traditional medical model, providing medical or mental health care, diagnosing and treating diseases, or giving medications. Rather, we are solution focused with a whole life perspective.

You will not “fall through the cracks” here. You will enjoy an intimate luxury resort setting: a maximum of 6 guests at a time. This means we will get to know you as an individual, intimately, and will work with you to help you achieve your goals. You will have the very best comprehensive retreat that works and delivers results.

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Solution Oriented: Transformation Outcomes

We specialize in learning to live in the solution, not the problem. You will have fun and experience a personal journey of insight and self discovery that yields the changes you are looking for in your life. By the completion of your program, you will have a never-before experienced optimism and excitement about your new, dynamic life in sobriety, career, and family. This means you will find the freedom you are looking for, and you will know happiness, peace and joy. Marriages improve, couples reunite, children return, grandchildren come and play, and careers excel.

If you only want to stop drinking or using drugs, but don’t much else to change in your life, any traditional addiction treatment facility or alcohol treatment or drug rehab will do. But, if you want a complete overhaul of your life, to transform from despair to loving yourself and life, to embracing life with joy and serenity, with a never-known-before optimism and inner peace, then Serenity Vista is what you want, and need. We will get to know you intimately and go to great lengths to help you heal at the deepest of levels, and help you transform your life.

This is why people travel great lengths, from Canada, United States, Europe, and from further abroad, all the way to Panama, for this unique experience of complete renewal and transformation! Some come after a relapse, when they realize that what they have been doing hasn’t been working.

See what Dan had to say about his experience (one of many testimonials from former guests):

I came into the program with the intention of gaining freedom from nicotine addiction, but left with a whole new vision and sense of purpose for my life as well as having a ‘tool set’ to maintain my freedom from nicotine. I like to say that I came in for a ‘tune up’, but left with a ‘complete overhaul’. The program was indeed life changing and I am forever grateful to John and Jane for making their program available to me and others who suffer from addiction.

Learn more about what makes Serenity Vista special here.

Duration of Rehab Programs

Rehab programs are individualized according to your needs and goals. The standard duration is six weeks (45 days), with the optimal duration being 3 months (90 days). Personal growth and change is not a ‘quick fix’ proposition. The longer you invest of yourself, the greater the return in terms of lasting sobriety, personal change and growth.

See the 45, 70 & 90 day rehab programs and their costs here.

Your First Step to Transforming Your Life

As your first step toward your recovery at Serenity Vista, where you WILL transform your life, please complete the online Admission Form. It does not obligate you in any way. It simply gives us sufficient information to assess whether Serenity Vista is a good fit for your needs. If not, we will gladly refer you elsewhere. The most important thing is that you get the help you need.  When we receive your form, we will follow up with you promptly to discuss how you might be best helped.

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