How To Choose The Right Rehab Facility?

How To Choose The Right Rehab Facility?


Choosing The Right Rehab For You

Learning how to choose the right rehab facility can present a big dilemma. For someone impaired emotionally, mentally and physically by the abuse of alcohol or other drugs, even something as simple as standing in the breakfast cereal aisle of the supermarket can be completely paralyzing. How in the world can you manage to choose the right drug rehab when, just like the cereal aisle, the choices have multiplied exponentially over the last decade or so?

The Recommendation of your Health Professional

Many people will go to their health care professional, doctor or therapist, and ask for help. The wheels are then set in motion, based on the particular professional’s set of circumstances. It is not unusual now to find large drug rehab facilities sending out representatives, much like the pharmaceutical industry does, to hospital E.R.’s and doctor’s offices. The rep might take the nurses donuts and coffee, or offer the referring doctor or therapist a large referral fee. This fee may or may not be legal or ethical, depending on the particular country, state or circumstances. Many people will go where their health care professional directs them or actually even makes the arrangements for them, without a second thought.

The Employer’s Choice – Rehab Based on Insurance Coverage

A person may contact their Employee Assistance Program, and be channeled to a rehab based on what the insurance company approves and covers. This might be a far cry from the facility that best matches your needs. You do have choices beyond your ‘insurance coverage’.

Internet Searches to Choose the Right Rehab Facility

If the person turns to the internet to make their own investigation, the choices can be completely overwhelming. Many website ‘referral’ agencies refer only to their own fleet of rehabs, which may or may not be transparent and ethical practice. The money involved in recruiting people into rehab means that Big Rehab spends literally thousands of dollars daily on Google pay-for-click advertising. The Google pay-for-click keyword of “drug rehab” commands one of the highest prices in the entire keyword search world against all other industries!

Drug Rehab in the Unites States is BIG BUSINESS. Over the past decade, large conglomerates have purchased up most of the smaller, independent rehabs, and have turned them into pieces of their own machinery. Profit is the bottom line and pleasing shareholders and insurance companies is the primary purpose. How do you know who is really behind the structure and programming of your insurance covered rehab program? Is it based on your individual needs and recovery, or the desires of corporate shareholders of the company?

Another Option –  Private Pay Rehab Facilities

You can leave bureaucracy, strangling government accreditation systems, long waits and red tape behind. Do you want a life-long record with your medical insurance, employer and government? The fact that you have gone to a drug rehab could have lasting affects that haunt you or your family in the future. Changing your mindset from “what rehab will be in the best interest of my doctor, or paid by my insurance company”, to “what is the best place for me, personally, and am I willing to take responsibility for my recovery and my life?” can really change your life.

Leaving the Country For The Right Rehab Facility – For You

There are several excellent private pay luxury drug rehab facilities outside of the United States, and disconnected from corporate Big Drug Rehab.  Panama, Antigua, Thailand, and Bali are a few notables. You’ll notice right away that these facilities are located in warm, tropical places that are easy to get to. Rates are very reasonable and affordable compared to private pay rehab in North America. Although your insurance company probably won’t foot the bill, you will have a first rate experience based on your individual needs for rehab. Remember, addiction is chronic, progressive, and ultimately, untreated, it is fatal.

Luxury Private Pay Affordable Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment in Panama

Serenity Vista Drug Rehab in Panama is an ideal location. Gorgeous, accessible and safe Panama is a short flight from the Southern United States. Central America allows for excellent value, with incredible opportunities. For example, if you are in Arizona, Texas, or Florida, you are only a short flight away from the world’s most affordable private luxury drug rehab. The facility is located in the mountain highlands of Boquete, an expat retirement haven based on its perfect climate and friendly locals, it is temperate with perfect weather. Not far from the Pacific, and the Caribbean, we are a short drive to Boca Chic, where our own 36 foot sailboat DECISION awaits to take you on a sailing adventure of a life time. Yes, sailing in drug rehab is a reality.



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