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What is International Private Rehab?

international private pay rehab

“I’m ready to explore my rehab options. What are they?”

First of all, congratulations. Admitting that you need help is, as everyone knows by now, the first step to healing.

Alcoholism is the only disease that tells you that you don’t have a disease.

“Yes, I am trying to stop on my own. But then, I’m drunk again.  I’m nervous about AA, it doesn’t make sense. I need an immersion process to recover.”

Basically, you have 3 options to treat your alcoholism with residential rehab. A little bit about each:

1. Government or Church/Temple Funded Rehab

This is a great treatment option for people who have scarce resources. Wait times are usually high, accommodations are usually stark, but hopefully clean. For the most part, staff can’t handle the low pay and high stress of these jobs for long and there is a high turnover. Your bunk-mates in these rehabs may cause a lot of chaos and drama as they revolve in and out of the doors. This is typical of government funded rehab.

2. Insurance Dictated Rehab and Medication Assisted Rehab

Again, although these may be great options for some, they might not be for you. Big Insurance combined with Big Drug Rehab is a behemoth. You are a cog in a wheel that might not have much to do with recovery at all. Stockholders and C.E.O.’s well-being usually comes first. “Evidence-based” treatment can be very misleading when it comes to recovery. If you are drinking a dozen beers a day, and you cut down temporarily to 6 beers a day, the ‘evidence’ says it is a great treatment, with a 50% improvement! Or, if you are substituting suboxone for heroin or fentanyl, and you are complying with the insurance/ bigrehab/ pharmaceutical rules, the clinical evidence says it’s effective treatment. If that works to save lives, then it is an excellent first step. But not very conducive to a life free from active addiction. Not what you are looking for.

3. Private Pay Holistic Drug Rehab

The third option is to find a good alcohol recovery rehab that is the right fit for your individual needs. As a high-functioning alcoholic or weekend cocaine/nicotine user, you see what’s down the road if you stay on this path. This vehicle is a garbage truck taking you all the way to the dump. Eventually, if you don’t die first, you may lose everything and be on the street waiting for public rehab.

If you still have the resources left, get the help that fits you. Self-pay with small numbers of other higher bottom guests. Some yoga, massage, great food, excellent film library, tropical green spaciousness full of flowers and adventure recreation. This is International Private Pay Rehab in Panama. The counseling team dedicates a tremendous amount of compassionate empathy to your recovery. They have the experience, education and skilled intuition to help you uncover your buried secrets and hurts. Recovery is not easy and consequently is very hard work.

International Drug Rehab in Central America

Alcohol treatment at a world class international private rehab in Central America is an opportunity for excellent addiction care at affordable prices. All you need is a valid passport and willingness.

There are lots of private-pay or self-pay rehab facility options in the world. You could spend a long time comparing, contrasting, making notes and spreadsheets. Of course, there should be some due-diligence done. But in the end, your intuition will guide you. It may not make a whole lot of logical sense but trust your heart. You will have moments of clarity that will inform you.

Located in Ex-Pat Retirement Haven of Boquete, Panama

Serenity Vista is a top international private rehab. Find out more about Serenity Vista in the green Central American mountains of Panama. Safe, extraordinarily beautiful, Serenity Vista is well situated in all senses to be highly conducive to your healing.

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