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Interview of John Derry, Director

Interview of John Derry, Director, Serenity Vista Addiction TreatmentClick here for interview recording

Rehab Videos of Panama – Land of Coffee, Chocolate, Flowers and The Canal

View a small selection of our rehab videos. Get a sense of the magnificent beauty of our local Panama, home to holistic healing from addiction at Serenity Vista. Owned and operated by Canadians. Located in beautiful Panama, the land of coffee, chocolate, flowers, the Panama canal, and the most beautiful people, land, and nature that will nurture you back to health and vitality. The essence of Recovery itself.

You too can experience world class alcohol and drug rehab recovery in beautiful Panama. Small, private, discrete, and with highly professional and compassionate Canadian and American addiction professionals leading you on a path to a new life experience of abstinent based recovery. Experience your new life fully in an oasis of peace. Holistically. From despair and hopelessness, to hope, peace and joy! It is truly a miracle, and it can be yours. Contact us today!

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