Program Elements

Individualized Counseling For Addiction Treatment

Individual Counseling

Individualized counseling helps you identify and heal from inner issues or change something in your life that you have felt stuck with.

Issues often relate to one or more of: self-esteem, peace of mind, relationships, family, career, achievement, self-defeating behaviors, addictions, marriage, codependency, sex, smoking, finances, anxiety, fears, depression, self-image, grief and loss, anger or forgiveness. Once into sobriety or other forms of recovery, when you have removed your coping mechanisms, you may find emotions, relationships, and other changes in your lives quite perplexing or overwhelming.

Perhaps you have an underlying unease or discontentment and can’t put your finger on what it is that’s troubling you. Or perhaps, like many, you don’t necessarily have ‘an issue’, but would like personal coaching and/or mentoring to be more effective at your already amazing life! That’s great, because our focus is not on the problem, but rather on the solution.

Serenity Vista’s professional recovery counselors are empathetic and highly skilled, and will help you immensely. Clouded confused thinking will clear and crystallize. You will feel understood, relieved, and excited about newly discovered opportunities. You will be committed to create desired change through a new course of action that you develop with coaching.

Serenity Vista maintains a very small census, never exceeding 6 individuals. Therefore all regularly scheduled sessions are very small, intimate groups, where individual attention is given to each person according to where they are in the treatment process. Occasionally, guests have individual sessions if required.