Program Elements

Serenity Vista at The Haven Spa

Spa with yoga, massage, and exercise as part of Serenity Vista's holistic program of healing from addiction

Tuesday Afternoons at the Haven Spa

As just one part of the body, mind, spirit experience at Serenity Vista, guests spend Tuesday
afternoons at our beautiful local Haven Spa. Guests always look forward to Tuesday afternoons!

The Haven is a full facility spa, including an aquatic treadmill pool, a choice of hot tubs inside
and outside. There are two infrared saunas, two steam saunas, and a full gym with state of
the art well-maintained exercise equipment.

There are relaxing and tranquil indoor and outdoor spaces. Delicious coffees and teas to try
while enjoying the birdsong and sounds of the creek. Alternatively, if preferred, a thatched palm
hut and hammock where Alexa or Siri will play just about any song requested.

Spa day includes a full hour relaxing body massage to release tension and stresses. Massage
is one of the many important holistic therapies and is often our guests favorite hour of the week.
Massage is an excellent way to relax and let go of tensions and stress. The massage
practitioners at the Haven will help you get back in touch with your body in a gentle and healing
way. These practitioners are very skilled with helping people not accustomed to massage.

At the end of Spa Day is a one-hour private yoga session in the stunningly updated
beautiful studio, inside or outside, depending on the weather.  If a person is new to
yoga, or nervous, the skilled instructor will gently lead into the mindfulness of yoga and
its outstanding benefits to recovery. The concentration and awareness that yoga
exercises require, helps to train the mind to bring more awareness into daily life. Yoga is
about being in the present, living each moment to the fullest and getting all we can out
of this life. Yoga is likely to become one of your favorite weekly activities.

If desired, guests can book extra treatments from the full menu of Haven Spa options.