Recovery Outside The Box : The Benefits of Traveling for Addiction Recovery

Benefits of Traveling for Addiction Recovery

contemplating traveling for addiction recovery treatment

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. – Henry Ford

Traveling for addiction recovery offers fresh perspectives allowing for transformative change. When considering all the options out there for addiction recovery, you will find there are all types of programs. There are in-patient, out-patient, in-state, out-of-state, national, and international addiction treatment facilities. Some drug rehabs are 12 step based or holistic in nature. Many are large institutions, some are small, private alcohol & drug rehabs. Many are local, close to home, others are international in scope in travel destinations abroad, out of country. It is important to consider your needs and resources in choosing the best program for you. There are many options to choose from. There are a lot of good evidence-based reasons for the choice of traveling for addiction recovery to a program far away from home. Below are just a few:


You might believe that having people who love and support them such as family and friends throughout recovery would be ideal. However, home or work environments can be unstable, distracting, or a huge cause of stress that contributes to addiction. Studies show a heightened relapse rate in continued proximity to these stressors. Additionally, at home, there is much easier access to drugs and people who might influence backtracking in addiction recovery. However, going to a recovery program far away from home provides an entirely new environment without influences that might hold you back. Also, this environment is one filled with others in recovery as well who can help support and motivate each other.


When the recovery process gets tough, there is access to immediate care on premises. Your purpose for having travelled abroad for drug rehab is soley to focus on healing from your issues to maximize your chance of successful recovery. There are no outside distractions. As a result, you are focused on your recovery. When looking into addiction rehabilitation, it is often for a very important reason: your life and the lives of those around you are being negatively impacted by addiction. Therefore, it is important to choose a program that is comprehensive, maximally supportive, and takes recovery seriously.

Mindfulness For Transformation

There is no easier way to be mindful in the present moment than changing one’s environment. It definitely doesn’t hurt to change it to a peaceful oasis in a beautiful place! Being removed from daily stressors and even daily routines can expand comfort zones, introduce novelty, and go so far as change the neural circuitry of one’s brain (neuroplasticity). Even one’s personality can be altered by traveling! There is beauty and effectiveness in surrendering to forces outside the self and doing work that may be much more difficult or impossible to do alone. Thus, it seems that if the goal is to create different patterns of being in life, being far away from home – in Panama, no less – and experiencing new and different things every day is the perfect catalyst for transformation and healing for a better self.

A Whole New World

Sure, of course it’s possible to have a different environment in a different state, but out of country, there is an entirely different culture, scenery, food, and people to witness. As a result, nothing looks, smells, tastes, or feels the same. Therefore, coming into such a situation forces one into an open mindset (voluntarily or not). This worldview can provide a whole different perspective to life. It helps one realize how small they are in the grand scheme of everything. It may encourage an empathetic and compassionate way of being (with one’s self and others) and hopefully provide a view of an entirely different direction to life from here on out – namely one without addiction.

The Facts

It is good for one’s brain to travel for recovery, healing, general wellbeing and health. Additionally, it’s also more likely to be effective at its goal. Those who started at in-patient programs are more likely to complete them and maintain the changes in their lives than those who start at an out patient program.

Serenity Vista

Travel to tropical Panama offers a beautiful setting and the unique program of Serenity Vista. You will find here a highly effective, private international drug rehab independently rated one of the top ten alcohol and drug rehabs and the top authority on drug rehabilitation. Serenity Vista is an exceptional, yet affordable luxury private drug and addiction rehab in a tropical Caribbean paradise. It is holistic and accepts a maximum of 6 guests at a time. Hence, all guests receive highly individualized and focused therapy.

Read this far? Consequently, there must be a part of you that *wants* to change, and an adventure to Panama for recovery may be the perfect place to do it! Contact Serenity Vista and start your personal recovery journey today!


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