Being in Rehab

Being in Rehab


Being in Rehab – Now What?

Part Two of Maya’s internship journey into rehab

Unresolved Pain Turns into Habits

To begin, I realized that I have been living a pretty unstable life these past 7 years. Going from one change to the next, my reality has been ongoing movement. I was getting my sense of existing by being focused on the next thing to do. I was living in the illusion that if I kept busy, I was alive. Existing by the speed of my doing, running from one activity to the next, I didn’t create time to breath or calm down. I would even accept more events when my body was obviously screaming to stop. I have been so used to living in this rhythm that while I was in it, I didn’t even realize how bad it was.

“Where was I running to? What was I running from”?

By looking back, and asking myself “Where was I running to”? “What was I running from”? I came to understand that this had become for me a way of avoiding some unpleasant feelings. Same as any other distraction one may choose. Never being fully in the present because already planning the next thing that needs to be done. It had become an unconscious pattern, an automatism. I could blame it on a society that promotes this way of living, but the truth is I am responsible for agreeing to it.

During my time in rehab at Serenity Vista, learning from and being gently challenged by the wonderful counselors and therapists, I learned that from our early childhood, we have made agreements without knowing it. As child, being so young, we weren’t aware yet of this. Once we become conscious of this amazing realization, we are no longer prisoners of our outside world.  We are the guardians of our gate, and we get to choose what we agree to, what we let affect us. We are finally free to change our beliefs our society, education, or culture taught us.

To Be Continued…


Maya is an intern student at Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Drug Rehab in Panama. Follow along with her as she has an up close and personal view of what rehab is really like.

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