How Do I Stop Drinking and Stop Taking Drugs in Alberta?

I’m from Alberta and Want Help to Stop Drinking and Taking Drugs


For illustrative purposes, this post focuses on the particular setting of Alberta towns. However, the dynamic that is described is the same everywhere across North America. The types of jobs, cultural nuances, and settings may vary. But the shift from fun, recreational use of alcohol or drugs to becoming a problem in your life can be the same regardless of where you call home.

Living in boom towns like many of those in Alberta such as Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Grand Prairie, St. Albert, Fort McMurray, and Lloydminster offers many challenges for people who want to get sober. Many single people go to live and work in communities for the high wages offered by the oil and gas companies. Therefore, these single, often young people quickly find themselves in a trap. People can suddenly find themselves making a lot of money, without any real financial responsibilities. And away from familar surroundings, activities and family. Perhaps this sounds familar.

The Prevalence of Alcohol & Other Drug Use

Use of alcohol, cocaine, crystal meth and pills like oxycontin and vicodan can run rampant. This is especially true of young people living and working in Northern Alberta towns. Being part of a ‘crew’ can mean gathering after a week of hard work at the local tavern or bar. As a result, any time there are lots of young, single people making a lot of money, a subculture quickly develops. Drugs like cocaine, crystal methamphetamine and heroin are flowing through the streets of these cities as freely as the beer on tap at the bar. Fentanyl, a synthetic opiate, has resulted in epidemic overdoses and deaths in Alberta, particularly in Calgary, over the last few years, with fatalities doubling every year. In fact, life expectancy in Canada is beginning to decline related to addiction issues as is occuring in the United States (USA).

Like any addiction, the seductive nature of being able to afford all the drugs you want, including opiates or narcotics, surrounded with your new ‘friends’ doing the same, can quickly grab hold. Thus, you tell yourself you can stop drinking any time. And maybe you have.

When the Party is Over But You Can’t Stop Drinking or Taking Drugs

There comes a moment of clarity for every alcoholic or addict. The clarity comes when the excuses run out. All rationalizations and justifications for the reprehensible behavior fall flat. The alcoholic/addict is standing in front of the mirror staring into two black empty holes where his sparkling eyes used to be. You’ve proven to yourself you can stop drinking, but staying stopped, and living with some peace of mind is a different matter. Dreams and hopes for a better life become a threadbare old rag, used to mop up spilled beer. All that matters is the dealer’s number on your speed dial. You’ve tried to stop drinking countless times. You realize you are desperate.

I Can’t Stop Drinking or Using Cocaine and it is Ruining my Relationships

People in active addiction hurt those that they love in many ways. Parents are worried sick, siblings, girlfriends, wives and kids lose sleep. If you are tired of seeing your loved ones crying over you, if you are sick and tired of the lies and manipulations, arguing and blackouts, it is time for help. Addiction hurts family and loved ones.

We Understand What It is Like When You Can’t Stop Drinking or Using Drugs

If you have tried to stop drinking or using drugs, and your drug dealer keeps finding you, it is time get away and get help.Or maybe you’ve stopped drinking many times, for days, weeks, or even months, then find yourself with a beer in your hand again, wondering how the cycle got started again.

Going to drug rehab may not be as complicated or humiliating as you think. There are a couple of options for people who live in towns where they have gone just for the work in Alberta. If you still have your job, your company might pay to send you to a one-size-fits-all government funded facility in someplace like Grande Prairie or Calgary. There will be meetings with HR, EAP, paperwork, waiting, and waiting, and your business will be everybody else’s business. Your rehab admission will become part of your medical record and work history. When you do get to the government rehab there will be white coats, cafeteria food, locks on the doors, and plastic sheets on the bed mattress. Maybe that is not for you. There is another way.

Going out of Country to a Top End Tropical Drug Rehab

When you choose a private pay drug rehab like Serenity Vista, you are giving yourself an amazing gift of joy and life. Serenity Vista is operated by Canadians, to the best of North American standards, with many benefits. Just the location itself, being in tropical Panama is a Caribbean paradise. Panama is safe, and very easy to get to. We offer an unspoiled, incredibly beautiful, private place, filled with colorful birds, big fragrant flowers and butterflies. We have bananas, oranges, avocados and pineapples growing in the yard. It is quiet, safe and amazing.

For recreation we go sailing on our own sailboat, just one of many outdoor adventures. We see whales and dolphins and colorful fish. There is horseback riding, ziplining, golf and hiking.

And the program is highly individualized, accepting a maximum of 6 guests into the program at any one time. There is excellent counselling, therapy sessions, 12 Step meetings, abundant delicious fresh food, and a chocolate Labrador Retriever dog always ready to go for a walk or play fetch.

Serenity Vista Offers a Get Away Alternative Abroad

Coming to Serenity Vista will be your own business. No one needs to know you are going to rehab. It’s your private matter. Often our guests tell acquaintances they are coming for a wellness retreat, or just a much needed tropical vacation. Private pay means there are no government or medical records to come back and haunt you in the future.

And the prices in Central America are really really low compared to North America. A full 90 day program can be less than the cost of 28 days in North America. Click to find out more about Serenity Vista. Perhaps this is your time to get away for a real change.

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