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Serenity Vista – SP Bespoke Wellbeing Solutions UK Partnership

UK Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Serenity Vista is pleased to be in strategic partnership with SP Bespoke Wellbeing Solutions of the UK. This alliance brings the full range of complementary addiction services to residents of the UK. SP Bespoke broadens the scope of Serenity Vista’s rehab treatment. The spectrum of care is extended to include alcohol and addiction counselling, family support, legal analysis and aftercare programs.   

Full Continuum of Care

SP Bespoke and Serenity Vista dedicate to working in concert to provide you with the fullest continuum of care. This gives you optimal help to fully heal from addiction to be happy, joyous and free. If alcohol or other drug use, or other forms of unhappiness are a problem in your life, our team will guide and support you the entire way.

Assessment & Counselling

It all starts with an initial phone assessment with SP Bespoke. Further face to face consultations are offered in the comfort and fear-free environment of your own home or office.  First class, private 45, 70 and 90 day residential primary addiction treatment is available at the tropical get-away retreat destination of Serenity Vista in beautiful Panama. SP Bespoke will liase with Serenity Vista and support you through the entire process. This includes right up to concierge service to the airport if desired.

Private residential addiction treatment

Once at Serenity Vista, you will receive one of the worlds best and most private addiction treatment programs. A range of dedicated Canadian and American health professionals will guide you through healing in body, mind and spirit. You will learn life living skills to stay sober, living life on life’s terms with peace of mind and heart.

Aftercare support

Upon your return to the UK, SP Bespoke will support you with a customized aftercare program to reinforce learnings at Serenity Vista. You and your family will experience full support in your new life of recovery.

Legal advice

Occasionally, various legal issues surface.  As a result of the uniqueness of this strategic alliance, you can address any legal issues in consultation with SP Bespoke without losing sight of your all important recovery process.  Legal issues may range from simple unpaid speeding or court fines to more serious matters such as custody disputes, separation or divorce.  SP Bespoke is able to guide you through any such issues. As a result, you avoid the risk of relapse, whilst helping you stay focused on your recovery.

Serenity Vista Welcomes Guests from the UK

Whether you are from Leicester, Oxford, Northampton, the Midlands, London, or from other areas across the UK, we welcome you. As a result of having sprung from Canadian roots, we speak the same language and share commonwealth values. Serenity Vista has welcomed guests from across the United Kingdom who have sought the ultimate in quality, highly individualized holistic treatment. Travelling abroad to a private retreat affords the guarantee of complete privacy that many seek.

Serenity Vista accepts a maximum of 6 guests at any one time. Therefore, you will receive a lot of individual attention, treated with dignity, compassion and respect by health professionals that truly care about your wellbeing and treatment success.

Contact SP Bespoke Today

If you are from the UK and are concerned that you or your loved one might be struggling with alcohol, other drugs, or other forms of unhappiness, call SP Bespoke today. You will find kind, compassionate and highly skilled professionals that will guide you to health and wellbeing. Serenity Vista is ready to serve as an integral part of your healing journey on your path to your new life of total freedom from addiction with hope and joy.

Contact SP Bespoke today to start your exciting journey of recovery!


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