When Is It Time To Go To Rehab?

‘Now’ is Always The Best Time

If things start to go wrong – you don’t have to go with them


The Best Time to go to Rehab is NOW, Before it gets REALLY bad

There is a saying in the rooms of recovery that a smart person can learn from their mistakes, but a wise person can learn from other people’s mistakes. When we are talking about the life threatening disease of addiction, we would all be wise not to make the fatal mistakes. The course of alcohol, nicotine and other drug addiction has been well charted over the centuries. Right now in Anytown, Anycountry, you can see the progression of the disease in the newspapers, on the streets, or maybe even in your own bedroom.

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease; untreated it never gets better, always worse. The three places an active alcohol/addict ultimately goes, if untreated:  jails, institutions or death. Rates of progression may vary. The type of negative consequences are wide ranging. Regardless, it is never pretty or romantic. It is ultimately tragic, heart-wrenching and extremely painful for everyone involved.

You don’t have to take the garbage truck all the way to the dump.

Addiction Does Not Have To Be A Death or Jail Sentence

People don’t choose addiction. No person taking their first drink, first joint, cigarette or what have you, are deliberately signing up for the death sentence of addiction. There are many many reasons why people start using drugs; nature, nurture, availability, and other circumstances of many kinds. Many just want to relax, be more sociable, or have fun.

But if a person crosses the line into addiction, there is little chance they will ever be able to stop, and stay stopped, on their own. Yes, it can and does happen that people will be able to stop using without support, but the odds are very slim and the risk of relapse is high. Who wants to take that risk? It is like Russian Roulette, with one empty chamber. No thanks!

The Moment of Clarity: “Without Help, This Will Get Worse”

There are always moments of clarity along the path of addiction. Many times a person comes face to face with themselves and their addiction. Perhaps a loved one confronts with an honest appraisal, the Doctor refuses to write the next prescription, a best friend overdoses, or you find your child has been taking your stash of meds from your hiding place. You may be frustrated that you are not living to your potential, below your level of ability. Feeling restless, irritable, or discontent. Feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired. Worried of the feeling of loss of control. There are a million different moments of clarity.

Is Rehab a Last Resort?

Rehab does NOT have to be the last house on the block. Rehab can be a place to heal and recover before the bitter end makes that impossible. There is a well known saying in recovery that you hit your bottom when you stop digging.

“Skid row” for the alcoholic or addict could still be sitting on nice living room furniture,  2 cars in the garage, family and career still intact. There is a growing “Club” within the rooms of recovery called the “YET CLUB”. These are the people who come into recovery and healing before they have lost everything. On the surface, their life LOOKS pretty good. You’ll hear them say things like, “I haven’t lost my health. YET. I haven’t had a DUI. YET. I haven’t lost the trust of my kids. YET. I haven’t been to a psych ward. YET.” They are also referred to as “High Bottom Drunks”.

Are you ready to stop digging yet? Are you ready to encourage your loved one to stop digging?

When the Undertaker is tagging your toe, it  is too late to do anything about your addiction.

Don’t Wait

Don’t wait. You know where active addiction goes. Turn around now, while you still can.  Perhaps you are ready to listen to your wife or husband who may have been expressing concern about your drinking or drug use. Or you have been thinking about going to treatment for addiction but are scared.

Rehab doesn’t have to be a big scary institution, the smell of disinfectant wafting off the scrubbed white walls. There doesn’t have to be  white coats, clipboards, stethoscopes and plastic food trays. Nor does it have to be a free-for-all flop house with old furniture and chain smoking staff and bunkmates. There is another option that is a breath of fresh air for anyone ready and wanting to change their lives.

Private Pay Holistic Recovery in Amazing Boquete, Panama

Private-pay resort retreat like rehab in beautiful Panama describes Serenity Vista. Serenity Vista is an amalgamation of all the best qualities of addiction treatment. The principles of the 12 Steps, and AA meetings, holistic approaches such as yoga, massage, art therapy, excellent amazing fresh tropical foods, our chocolate Labrador Retriever Dog Ceiba, mountains, cool breezes, flowers, rainbows, horses, hiking, and bird watching.

Profound and intensive counseling uncovers an individual’s core issues and challenge with new ways of looking at life. Warm and empathetic staff, with a maximum of 6 guests at any one time creates an atmosphere of trust and intimacy. You will get what you need here to face life successfully.

You Deserve the Best

Serenity Vista is recognized as one of the Worlds Best Rehabs and The Best Rehab in the Caribbean

In fact, “rehab” can be an amazing, life transformative experience. Serenity Vista has been rated one of the world’s best addiction treatment centers, and awarded Best Rehab in the Caribbean.

According to World’s Best Rehabs:

Serenity Vista is not your typical rehab center. Rather, it is a world-class, private, highly individualized addiction treatment program overseen by dedicated professionals. The rehab works with clients suffering from all types of addiction issues.

Serenity Vista Rehab in Panama is so much more than a “Luxury Rehab”, it’s passionate staff and committed leadership have created a transformational experience and built a strong reputation over nearly a decade of working with clients to end the cycle of addiction.

Awarded Best Rehab in the Caribbean by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine, Serenity Vista offers guests a world-class experience in the lush tropical mountain highlands of Panama. Serenity Vista’s passionate staff and committed leadership have created a transformational experience and built a strong reputation over nearly a decade of working with clients to end the cycle of addiction.

Serenity Vista, located in beautiful Boquete, Panama, land of eternal spring, is simply one of the world’s very best. You deserve the best.

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