Rehab – It May be Now or Never

When Is The Best Time to Go to Rehab?

If you are asking this question, the time is NOW.

Rehab Now

The Disease of Denial

Alcoholism and other forms of addiction is the only disease that tells you that you don’t have a disease. The hallmark symptom of alcoholism is denial. Did you ever hear yourself trying to convince someone that you are NOT an alcoholic or other form of addict? Guess what? People that are not alcoholic, never try to convince anybody that they are not alcoholic.

The point is, when the moment of clarity comes for the addict, it won’t last long. This little window of opportunity, when the alcoholic realizes there is a problem is ready for help, is a very little window. Alcoholism is a subtle foe. When the disease of addiction experiences the threat of exposure, the disease goes into overtime mode to convince you that there is a mistake happening here.

What are you talking about? Alcoholic? Powerless? Rehab? Come on now, are you kidding me? Just because we like to get a little loaded once in while doesn’t mean we are an alcoholic? Rehab is for losers! If you want to quit, come on, I’ll help you. We’ll just stop. You know, if you are sure you want to. Mmmmm, are you feeling a little thirsty right now? I sure am. Let’s reconsider rehab on another day soon.

The Merry-Go-Round-of-Denial

If you are an alcoholic or love someone who is, this will surely resonate with you. A common reference is “the merry-go-round-of-denial”. But there is nothing merry about it. Any merriment is long past.

If you are asking the question ‘when is the best time to go to rehab?’ The answer is “now“. If you have the willingness and clarity to look for help, you’d be best to commit to it within a 24 hour period. In the fresh light of dawn, the addiction gives false hope of will-power renewal to do it alone. You don’t need this article to convince you of this. Experience will bear it out.

If your internet search wondering when is the best time to go to rehab brought you here, great. If your denial convinces you that the best time is later, make a promise to yourself. Make a promise that if your next attempts to do it alone fail, and you find yourself staring down that abyss again, that you’ll get that help right away.

Alcoholism and other addiction is a fatal disease. Make no mistake about it – this merry go round is a garbage truck that will take you all the way to the dump. Eventually every alcoholic stops drinking, the most fortunate ones are those that are still alive when they do.

When is the best time to go to rehab?


Rehab and insurance companies are big in the news right now. Stories of fraud, greed and legal actions are filling the news. Finding a rehab that does not depend on insurance claims is a fresh way to find the best help you need. Insurance dictated practices in most rehabs are geared towards helping the insurance companies and C.E.O.’s of the treatment facilities.  Often in these large-geared rehabs, the counselors are the lowest paid persons in the organization. Think about that. The marketing director makes more than those interacting daily with the client.

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